Women's Boots

Tap into your adventurous side with adidas women’s boots. Whether you head for the summit in supportive hiking boots or shred down the slopes in warm snowboarding boots, answer the call to be wild.

adidas Women’s Boots 

Adventure awaits, so answer the call in adidas women’s boots. Tackle the toughest trails and steepest slopes with confidence. Wrap your feet in supportive comfort and head for the summit. Abrasion-resistant materials shrug off stray sticks, rocks and anything else that tries to get in your way. Lock out raindrops and puddle splashes with waterproof technologies like RAIN.RDY and GORE-TEX®. Soft cushioning eases every step towards that scenic vista. Responsive adidas Boost midsoles return energy to your stride. The more you give, the more you get back. Rugged outsoles with grippy rubber provide reliable traction through wet and dry conditions. Traxion and Continental Rubber™ help you ascend and descend every incline to get where you want to go. You’ll be even more excited for fresh powder shredding down the slopes in warm snowboarding shoes. Lightweight insulation blocks out the cold, while high-cut designs support your ankles so you can cut and carve down the mountain and through the trees. Forge your own path and enjoy the view no one else has dared to find. Shop adidas for women’s hiking and snowboarding boots and carve your own path through the wild.