White Hiking Shoes


Bring out your inner daredevil in white hiking shoes. It’s not about keeping them clean, it’s about handling business. You may run into some mud and mayhem but a little dirt never hurt anyone, right?

Tackle the outdoors in style with adidas white hiking boots

You don’t need to let the weather get in the way of you experiencing some of the world’s most incredible hiking trails. Here at adidas we have a great range of white hiking boots, which have been designed to help you tackle the elements in stunning style. We’ve utilised state-of-the-art technology to create hiking boots that boost exceptional comfort while also boasting additional qualities such as being water-repellent. Our range of hiking shoes includes intelligent features like the GORE-TEX® build. This means you can enjoy stability and confident traction with our white hiking boots, even if the surface is wet and uneven. Comfort and breathability are also guaranteed.

Comfort and warmth guaranteed with walking cleats from adidas

Our range of waterproof hiking shoes and cleats has been designed to ensure you stay warm and comfortable while tackling outdoor terrain. They deliver breathable and water-resistant protection, meaning your hiking plans never need to be disrupted again. The unique white designs also make a statement on the trail – but don’t worry, they’re easy to clean. Plus they’re made to last. You’ll have a pair of hiking boots that can take you through countless adventures and seasons, delivering real value for money.

Selecting the best waterproof walking shoes for you

To make the most of the wide choice of waterproof walking shoes available, we recommend considering your needs in terms of the sort of terrain you’re going to be tackling. Is it difficult? Is it steep? Is it likely to be wet? These sorts of factors will help you determine the qualities and characteristics you need from your hiking boots, after which you can shop based on your taste and personality. From classic, minimalist designs to bold, eye-catching hiking boots, we have something for everyone.