White Hiking Shoes

Bring out your inner daredevil in white hiking shoes. It’s not about keeping them clean, it’s about handling business. You may run into some mud and mayhem but a little dirt never hurt anyone, right?

adidas White Hiking Shoes

When you want to look fresh out on the trails — and if you are a firm believer that a little dirt never hurt — opt for white hiking shoes from adidas. An adidas Boost midsole adds long-lasting cushioning and energy to every step. Styles with a water-repellent adidas PRIMEKNIT upper adapt to your foot's shape as you go the distance in dry or damp weather. The Continental™ Rubber grip provides reliable traction on your hikes, and for those rainy days spent exploring the mountains, desert, forest or beach, RAIN.RDY tech seals out the water and sheds light precipitation. White hiking shoes with innovative GORE-TEX technology leave room for your feet to breathe while keeping them dry as you splash through puddles and cross streams.

White trekking shoes are impractical, you say? The inner daredevil in you likes the challenge and wants people to know you were out in the wilderness adventuring. And you can always clean them off post-hike and wear them to explore the city. Discover all styles of white trekking sneakers from adidas and know that your gear has the design and technology to keep you focused, supported, comfortable, driven and looking great while you push your limits and get into nature. Shop adidas white hiking shoes today.