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adidas Boost White Shoes

If you don't own a pair of adidas Boost white shoes, stop what you're doing and get busy shopping. And if you already own some, why stop at just one pair? Clean, crisp and classic, adidas Boost white sneakers are a must-have icon that go with everything and keep your feet feeling comfortable with every step. That's thanks to adidas Boost cushioning in the midsoles, with thousands of adidas Boost capsules that compress and release energy as the foot strikes the ground, providing endless cushion and responsiveness underfoot, so you feel fresh and energized with every step. Plush cushioning isn't the only performance benefit in this adidas Boost white footwear. These styles have loads of features to deliver 360-degree comfort for your feet. Stretchy knit uppers have a second-skin fit, and Continental™ Rubber outsoles deliver extra-grippy traction on an array of surfaces. And that's only the beginning. You can't go wrong in these kicks.

One of the best things about adidas Boost white shoes is their versatility. Their simple, clean look makes them easy to pair with almost any outfit. Long gone are the days when sneakers had to be confined to the track or the gym, so go ahead — wear them with dresses and skirts, suits and ties. You'll look fresh and on trend without even trying. For sporty style on casual Fridays, throw on a pair of adidas Boost white shoes with jeans and a button-down shirt. Voila! A work-appropriate outfit that transitions seamlessly to happy hour drinks around the corner. adidas Boost white sneakers have a timeless and iconic design revered by many celebrities and fashion icons over the years. From athletes to musicians, white adidas sneakers have been worn by some of the most stylish and influential people in the world, making them a true fashion icon. Join their ranks by picking up a pair for yourself.

Fashion aside, how does adidas Boost white footwear perform on the track, treadmill, roads and running trails? Beautifully, as it turns out. Adistar and adizero styles are ultra-lightweight while delivering responsive cushioning to keep you on pace and energized through longer distances. Foot-hugging knit or mesh uppers are breathable to keep air flowing and feet comfy, even when the temperature creeps up. Those who prefer trails to pavement will enjoy boots with internal frames and heel support for added stability over uneven terrain. Ultraboost styles with a Linear Energy Push system guide each footstrike to propel you forward and maximize efficiency. Not bad for a simple pair of white shoes, right? So whether you're lacing up for your first 5K or you're a seasoned marathoner looking to upgrade your gear, these adidas Boost white running sneakers offer the cushioning, support, stability and style you're looking for, all in one timeless package.

Now that you've picked out your new favorite pair of adidas Boost white sneakers, we've got a few tips for what to pair them with — whether you're walking city streets or headed to the gym. To make your shoes really pop, try wearing dark, monochromatic clothing, like a black T-shirt with black or dark-grey joggers. No rules here, so try mixing things up. Women, try a long, flowy dress with a sleek pair of all-white sneakers for a relaxed yet polished look. A clean pair of sneakers looks just fine at formal occasions these days, so gentlemen, the answer is yes — you can wear your new white kicks with a suit and tie. adidas styles range from all white to white with accents, like the iconic 3-Stripes in a contrasting color to really stand out. The sky's the limit, so pick up a pair of adidas Boost white shoes to bring a burst of cool style to your wardrobe.