Track & Field Gear

No matter which events you compete in at your next meet, adidas running spikes and track and field shoes deliver the comfort and support you need to set your next personal record.

adidas Track and Field Shoes Made to Compete

Run fast, fly high and throw far with adidas track and field shoes that are made to keep up with your event. From sprints to pole vault to hammer and discus, adidas track shoes support you so you can focus on performing your best. Featherweight running spikes let you push off the line with maximum speed, because even a split-second counts. Track spikes for events like the triple jump, high jump and pole vault deliver the stability you need to keep your line and take off at launch. When you want traction for your discus and hammer throws, adidas track shoes set your foundation to get that extra distance. Shop adidas online for track and field shoes for each of your events and go for a new personal best.

Track & Field Gear Frequently Asked Questions

Spikes are designed to help you run faster in short sprints as well as for middle- and long-distance races and cross-country running. Spikes are lightweight, with pins on the bottom of the forefoot to grip a track or uneven terrain. Sprint spikes are shaped to put you on your toes so you can spring forward. Of the different kinds of track shoes, spikes made for sprinting have the least cushioning and the most rigid soles, while those designed for distance and cross-country running have the most cushioning.
Track spikes are designed specifically for running on a track, so using them for other kinds of running isn’t recommended. Spikes have less cushioning and a lower drop than regular running shoes. This means there can be more strain on your calves and Achilles if you don’t gradually introduce them into your footwear rotation. You can use cushioned inserts in your track shoes, but this will add to their weight. In general, save your track spikes for races and essential training.
The track shoes that are best for sprinting are lightweight, with a rigid sole, and put you on your toes for popping off the starting line and staying on your toes as you run. They’re shaped with little to no heel and have spikes, or pins, in the forefoot to help grip the track surface. Sprint spikes should fit snugly to lock down your feet.