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Gym Towels


adidas Towels

Bringing your own set of towels to your regular golf game, trip to the gym or tennis match can keep you and your athletic equipment clean, dry and free of distracting sweat or dirt. Each adidas workout towel is made from high-quality fabrics that are light enough to easily slip into your bag and take with you everywhere you go, but they're durable enough to withstand years of repeated use. And our towels can be used for a variety of purposes in a wide range of sports.

Many athletes like to squeeze in a training session before heading to work or school, but it's not always realistic to swing home for a shower after you sweat it out. And while some gyms may distribute towels to their members, you can't always be certain that those towels have been properly cleaned and sanitized. That's why it's always a good idea to BYOT. Bringing your own towel (or several towels) in your gym bag ensures that you can always dry off after a quick shower without interrupting your busy schedule. Furthermore, gym equipment (weights, treadmills, exercise bikes, etc.) might be used by dozens of people in a given day, so it's no surprise that said equipment is usually rife with bacteria. Many gym-goers simply wipe sweat off the equipment using their own hands, but that's not the most hygienic approach. From a health and safety perspective, it's a smart move to carry at least one designated sweat towel with you every time you head to the gym. You can use your towel to wipe lingering sweat off the equipment from the less-than-courteous users who came before you, and when you're finished, you can pay it forward by drying off the equipment after your own personal use. You can also carry a separate athletic towel, perhaps easily distinguished with a different color, to use for mopping up the perspiration from your own body. This will keep you comfortable and dry as you get your heart rate up, and it can also minimize the exercise-induced odor that you might generate in a grueling workout. Finally, the use of your own cloth towels not only helps prevent the spread of bacteria and regulate your body temperature, but it is also a friendly gesture to the environment, as it cuts down on the exorbitant use of paper towels handed out in many fitness centers. A reusable cloth towel reduces paper towel consumption that contributes to deforestation.

While towels benefit all fitness-minded individuals, they're of particularly critical importance to certain kinds of athletes. For instance, a golfer's game lives and dies depending on their grip of the club. And since golfers play in all kinds of less-than-ideal weather conditions — including hot, humid days and wet, cold days — every golfer knows the feeling of having to wipe down their clubs and glove when they become slippery. Golfers must also be constantly mindful of keeping the grooves of their club free of the mud and dirt that can be accumulated from the course, as dirty grooves can reduce the spin a golfer gets on their shots. Using a good athletic towel will ensure that your golf clubs are always dry, clean and ready for the best shot possible. Golfers should ideally use a dark towel (so dirt shows up less) made of lightweight but highly absorbent fabric. And having some kind of hook or loop on the towel makes it easier to attach to your golf bag so that you can quickly access it during your game.

Whatever your sport or fitness regimen might entail, as an athlete, you're only as capable as your equipment allows you to be. And if you want to stay clean, dry and focused, a good workout towel (or two, or three) should always be part of your day-to-day gear set. Order adidas towels today to ensure you have the equipment you need to reach your athletic goals in safety and in health.