Solarglide Shoes

For every run under the sun. adidas Solar Glide is an all-rounder shoe for daily training and a favorite for beginner runners training for their first race.

adidas Solar Glide Shoes

From the first time you lace up, step outside and hit the ground, you'll know the difference that a pair of adidas SOLARGLIDE shoes makes. Maybe it's your first time running, or maybe you've been doing it for a decade. Whatever your experience level, you'll get the best that adidas running brings to athletes with SOLARGLIDE shoes. The amazing sensation starts with the upper. Breathable mesh with a seamless, sock-like feel wraps your foot in comfort. Stretchy where it's needed, supportive and non-stretchy where it's needed, the design is balanced perfectly to keep you moving in comfort. The cushioned midsole is ultra-responsive adidas Boost foam, a sublime material that gives you the feeling of running on clouds. And where your foot hits the pavement, a Continental™ Rubber outsole provides the best traction and durability imaginable, giving you exactly what you need to get outside every day and run faster and farther than the day before.

Feel supported with every step, thanks to a solid foundation built to handle the impact of your toughest training sessions. adidas SOLARGLIDE running sneakers are great for interval training, daily runs and marathons. Whether your goal is simply to improve your fitness or qualify for a big 26.2-miler, the SOLARGLIDE is an excellent choice for footwear. Sometimes, however, the weather does not cooperate. For those days, consider the SOLARGLIDE with GORE-TEX in the upper and an interior bootie. This breathable, waterproof material keeps your feet nice and dry, even in a downpour, preventing the rain from adding extra weight to your gear — something no runner wants to deal with. The Continental™ Rubber outsole is great in the rain as well, giving you reliable traction even when the road isn't dry. The point is, don't hang up your sneakers when the foul weather comes. Winterize them with GORE-TEX.

Responsive cushioning supports your goals when you want to go the extra mile — and every extra mile after that. SOLARGLIDE sneakers have a control rail that wraps your foot for added stability throughout your run. This design feature helps keep your foot optimally positioned over the adidas Boost foam cushioning rather than allowing it to slip to either side. This ensures that with every step, you get the most out of the cushioning technology and get the most energy return for every ounce of it you put in. SOLARGLIDE running shoes have highly durable, grippy rubber outsole patterns that provide incredible traction on tracks and city streets. Strategic cutouts in the rubber not only lighten the entire shoe, but they provide space for the foam to expand under your weight, then spring back when you toe off, resulting in a steady, fluid return of energy that can help to drive you along your path.

For adidas, performance innovation is in our DNA. But helping athletes and runners stay comfortable and feel confident while they get after it isn't the only thing we're concerned about. Some of our SOLARGLIDE shoes are made in part using recycled materials, a program we have adopted as part of our commitment to help end plastic waste. We comb remote islands, beaches, shorelines and coastal communities throughout the world in search of plastic waste that we can recycle and turn into materials usable in footwear and other products. When you lace up a pair of SOLARGLIDE running shoes, you just might be helping to reduce plastic waste. Not only do SOLARGLIDE shoes give you everything you need to be comfortable on your feet during a run, but they're just what the world needs too. Browse adidas for SOLARGLIDE shoes to keep you motivated to crush your personal best.