Soccer Shin Guards

Defend your shins (and ankles). From slip-in soccer shin guards to ankle protection, choose the style that suits your needs.

adidas Soccer Shin Guards

Protect your shins when you're on the field with a pair of soccer shin guards from adidas. Go all out for every ball knowing you're covered. Shin guards are made to absorb impacts on the field from stray shots, mistimed challenges and stray legs. Regardless of your level of play, soccer shin pads are an essential piece of equipment for any soccer star. Get the best protection and comfort with a pair of soccer shin guards from adidas. Our shin guards put comfort and support at the forefront, protecting you from impacts and tough blows and helping you play your best game. To stop you, they need to catch you. Open up a new dimension of speed with superlight shinnies. Our innovative constructions, lightweight materials and strategic cushioning for tactically placed protection ensure they won't slow you down when you're playing at full pace.

Be at your best with the brand with the 3-Stripes. At adidas, we put performance first. Our feature-rich designs meet the needs of all levels of soccer players. Hold nothing back and shrug off tackles to keep possession and break past defenders. Show why defending is an art with game-changing tackles that turn defense into attack. Then sprint past players and brush off intruders who try to stop you. The hard exterior shells of these shin guards will take the brunt of big challenges so that your legs don't have to. They're backed with shock-absorbing polyurethane foam that molds around the leg, so you never have to worry about them slipping off or ruining your stride. No more bruised, achy legs. Now you can lunge into last-ditch tackles with confidence. Jump up for headers, twist and turn through midfields and turn players inside out with your silky skills. adidas soccer shin guards keep you moving with maximum freedom, so you can play the game your way and dominate the turf. Now that's true distraction-free play. Air holes in the back provide added ventilation to keep legs cool under pressure. When the game heats up, you can stay focused, in the zone and ready for every tackle.

Get the perfect fit. Our soccer ankle shin guards are designed to fit snugly, so you can focus on the game without worrying about the extra bulk. With their maximum flexibility for the perfect fit, you can stay agile and ready for whatever comes your way on the field. Check out the full range for a variety of low-profile designs that provide a snug fit and maximum protection, or flat designs for unmatched mobility and comfort. Choose shin guards with adjustable straps for additional security during games. Or opt for shin guards with leg sleeves or soccer shin socks for minimum bulk. Included sleeves keep the guard right where you want it, whether you like your guards higher or lower on your shin. Whatever you choose, you can be sure everything will stay in place through full matches of quick sprints and super slide tackles. We even have models designed specifically for younger players that are soft and lightweight and have an anatomical fit to ensure comfort and protection without compromising mobility or flexibility.

Shin guards that match your stride. If protection is at the top of your list, adidas soccer ankle shin guards give you even more defense against trailing legs. The attached ankle guards provide added stability for wobbly ankles. Find the design that best fits your needs and playing style, from superlight constructions to maximum protection and everything in between. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, you can find a pair that best suits your playing needs — as well as your personal taste. And with sizes for men, women and kids, it's easier than ever to get the whole family playing the sport you love with confidence. When it comes to sports equipment you need to rely on, only trust the best. Get ready for match day with the selection of soccer shin guards from adidas now.

Soccer Shin Guards Frequently Asked Questions

Soccer players wear various kinds of protective gear to help prevent injuries. Essential protective gear includes soccer shin guards — padding on the legs to protect against kicks and collisions. Goalkeeper gloves shield the hands while catching or blocking shots. Soccer cleats are specialized shoes with studs or spikes for traction on the field. Some players may also choose to wear gear such as ankle braces, knee pads or headgear.
To determine the appropriate size of soccer shin guards, you should consider your height and the size of your legs. Most shin guards are sized based on age ranges or height ranges. It is recommended to try on different sizes to find the one that offers a comfortable and secure fit. The shin guards should cover the shinbone completely and fit snugly against the leg without restricting movement.
When choosing soccer shin guards, there are a few factors to consider. First, size —select shin guards that fit comfortably and cover your shinbone adequately. Another factor is the type. Decide between slip-in shin guards, ankle guards or shin socks with built-in guards. Next, look for durable materials that offer protection and comfort. Look for a fit that's secure without restricting movement. Finally, try on different options and move around to assess comfort and protection levels.