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There are those that run in the morning, and those that don't. If you weren't born with DNA that enthusiastically propels you out of bed in the morning to climb into your running gear before others have hit their first snooze, you're not alone. Follow our tips for how to become a morning runner—and before you know it, you'll be doing it.

  • COMMITMENT TO RUNNINGRemind yourself of what you want out of this and believe that force that says you can get up a little earlier, you can run a little further than before and to go put on that running jacket, and lace up those shoes. There will be voices in your head that tell you go back to sleep, that you aren't cut out for this, so make the decision now on what voice you're going to listen to. Then rise and shine.
  • PREPARE WITH THE RIGHT RUNNING GEARNew gear can be motivation for that first run. Check the weather the night before, and know when the sun rises. If you're running before dawn, ensure you have running apparel with reflective details on bright colored running shorts and tops. If it's extra chilly out, try out running tights or running tops made with climaheat™ insulation to lock in the warmth. If running in warmer climates look for running gear made with climachill™, a mesh-like fabric with aluminum spheres that pulls heat away from your body to help manage your body temperature.
  • LAY OUT YOUR GEARHave everything laid out and ready the night before. From your pullover and shorts to your running shoes and water bottle, place your running gear in an easy-to-grab spot.
  • GO TO BED EARLIERSet up a bedtime routine to ensure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep before you plan to rise and shine. Dimming the lights stimulates the release of melatonin, signaling your brain that it's night time. Turn off the screens to remove visual stimulation which keeps the brain active.
  • FIND A BUDDYSetting up a time to run with a friend. You're less likely to roll over and go back to bed if you know you have someone expecting you to show up.
  • TURN ON THE LIGHTSFlipping on the lights when you get up signals your brain that it's time to be awake. To avoid disrupting family or roommates, keep your running shorts and shirts laid out in the bathroom and get ready in there.
  • HAVE A SMALL SNACKEven a small bite before you put on those running shoes can rev up the digestive system. You may not be hungry first thing in the morning, but a half banana or a couple of bites of something whole grain based will help wake your body up and give you energy for your morning run.
  • MAKE TIME FOR COFFEE, TEA, JUICE, OR WATER RITUALMany runners live for that first cup of coffee early in the morning, not just for the caffeine jolt, but the warmth, scent, and taste it provides. If coffee's not your thing, try tea or pick a favorite juice or flavored water to give yourself something to look forward to while waking up.
  • WALK FIRST OR START SLOWIf you're definitely not a morning person, commit to walking or jogging at a slow pace and head out for just 15-20 minutes. Or plan on running early just once a week to start. Getting your body up, dressed in your running clothes and out the door is the bulk of developing the habit.
  • CONSISTENCYDon't expect a miracle overnight. If you missed a planned run, let it go and plan one again. Practice these habits every week and they'll become second nature. Experiment with creating a routine that works best for you. Build a track record of consistency that finally turns you into a morning runner.


Even the most seasoned runner needs to be prepared for the unknown and the last thing you want after a tough run is chafe. Check out our tips on How to Prevent Chafing to help you stay on the go whether it be on your usual route or running a marathon!

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