Purple Yoga Clothes & Shoes

When your day starts with warrior one, you're starting off on the right foot. Flow in style and comfort with purple yoga clothes and shoes from adidas.

adidas Purple Yoga Clothes & Shoes

A pop of purple can make all the difference – not just to your look but to your mood. With purple yoga clothes and shoes from adidas, you can bring with you to practice the intention of the color purple, which can represent wisdom, reflection and self-knowledge. Especially fitting since this selection of purple clothes and shoes are for yoga and Pilates, two access points to achieving those things. Go head-to-toe purple and really embrace the vibe in a matching purple yoga outfit, including the shoes. You'll find purple clogs and slides that are easy to slip on and off at the studio, and they keep you comfortable every moment outside of it with cushioned and contoured footbeds.

There is no shortage of purple yoga clothes from adidas. If you want options, you're in the right place. Crop top, oversized tank, loose tee, bike shorts, high-rise tights. You'll find them all here, in varying shades of purple. There are yoga clothes done in bright statement purple and other purple yoga and Pilates gear done in pale shades like lavender. All purple yoga clothes and shoes put the emphasis on comfort, which is why all purple yoga clothes from adidas are soft or stretchy or oftentimes both. Up your workout gear when you choose purple yoga clothes and shoes — you'll stand out while staying comfortable.