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Sports Pants

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Performance sports Pants

When you need performance sports Pants, we have them in spades for a multitude of different sports and pastimes, indoors and outdoors. They're suitable for all ages, and both men and women can have them in a tempting selection of styles to game the fashion of the day or to bring some nostalgic classics back into action. They are available in a variety of cuts, narrow or wide, tapered or straight, and can be snug fitting for skiing activities or looser fitting for track and field sports.

all the gear for joggers and gym fanatics

Our performance sports Pants will serve you beautifully in the gym, from warm-ups to intense training. They're breathable and have sweat reduction areas that take advantage of air flow to keep you cool and dry when you're really exerting yourself. In our range of joggers, you can opt for 100% recycled polyester sports pants or enjoy warmth and comfort in winter with fleece pants. The materials are all meticulously made, woven together expertly and designed to be durable and comfortable, while protecting you against the elements if your chosen activities take place outdoors. You can even get special limited edition items that have additional team branding, depending on current sponsorship arrangements.

Winter sports participants also get more than their fair share

If you prefer the snow when it comes to getting your kick, or if you take sports like snowboarding or skiing pretty seriously, we've got you covered here too, with excellent selections of sports Pants that will keep you warm and dry, without impeding your freedom of movement at all. They're designed to aid your movement, and have well-placed pockets and zips to go with elasticised or adjustable ankle cuffs and waists. For women, we have classic French terry sports Pants with our trademark 3-Stripes to signal your superior taste in sports wear, naturally.