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Outdoor Vests

When the chill arrives, warm your core with one of our outdoor vests. Choose cozy down insulation or a lightweight wind vest for the active days.

adidas Outdoor Vests

Layers are the perfect opportunity to mix style and comfort, and outdoor vests from adidas are here to make it happen. Whether you're heading out for a grocery run or getting prepped for your next jog, the vests you'll find here are the ultimate combination of versatile warmth and insulating comfort. Speaking of insulation, you can't go wrong with padding that holds the heat close to your body. Stand-up collars eliminate the need for scarves, and strategically placed pockets let you tuck small belongings away so you can head out into the crisp air with your hands free.

If heading outdoors finds you warming up for training sessions, suit up in lightweight athletic vests that are game for city streets, mountain villages and exploring the backcountry. Layering is always the ticket to comfort when temperatures take a dip, and hiking vests are the best compromise between staying warm and keeping light on your feet. You won't have to contend with bulky jackets or sweatshirts, so you'll be able to keep moving with a full range of motion and your full focus on the task at hand. Step outside and step into comfort with outdoor vests from adidas that know just how to balance versatility with function.

Outdoor Vests Frequently Asked Questions

Down vests are for extra warmth and weather-resistance in the outdoors. A down puffer vest offers lightweight insulation you can layer with your other fleeces and shirts. And a water-repellent finish will help you stay dry in light rain and mist.
Vests are great for hiking. An insulated down vest adds warmth and utility. Vests have zip pockets to stash your valuables and packable hoods for extra coverage in the rain and wind. They're great, versatile layering pieces that come in handy in a variety of weather conditions.
There are tons of different vests — formal, casual, denim, outdoor or fleece. For outdoor activities and sports, insulated puffer vests are popular, and for good reason. They provide a level of warmth and wind-resistance, plus coverage with a packable hood. They're great layering pieces. And they add extra zip pockets to keep your important items stashed close by.