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Sometimes you just need to keep your look minimal. adidas Originals slides are effortlessly stylish with a comfortable fit, with or without socks. Let everyone know you’re here to keep it casual. Shop slides for women, kids, and men today.
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adidas Originals Slides

When the weather warms up, it's time to slip on adidas Originals slides and let your feet finally soak up the sun they've been craving. Our adidas Originals Adilette slides are constructed with a footbed contoured to your arch and a slip-resistant, grippy outsole. The uppers are typically made of quick-drying synthetic materials, which are ideal for swimming and other summer water sports. That said, some of our slides have also branched out to incorporate more indoor-oriented materials, like fuzzy and soft textile linings and uppers, while retaining a durable rubber foundation.

Concerned that slides are too laid back to be a versatile footwear choice? Sure, slides are thought of as highly casual, but that doesn't mean they can't be highly stylish as well. In the 50+ years since their storied debut as simple shower slides for the German national soccer team, adidas Originals slides have taken on many new, trendy forms. Our slides now feature a range of color combinations, clever spins on the iconic adidas 3-Stripes design, and even collaborations with famed high-end designers. All fashion statements aside, adidas slides still retain their easy functionality and continue to serve as multi-purpose, indoor and outdoor footwear. Once summer passes and colder months set in, you can skip buying the houseslippers and simply wear slides inside with a pair of socks, keeping your feet away from the cold floor. And they still work as a smart and hygienic barrier to place between your feet and the grimy floor tiles of your gym or local pool's changing rooms and showers. Whether you need the perfect footwear for a day at the beach or you're looking for some simple indoor coverage, or you're dying to finally let your toes breathe a bit in the warm summer sun, adidas Originals slides are what finicky feet want. And for peak slip-on style and comfort, they're probably only rivaled by adidas flip-flops.

Why choose slides as your go-to from the different types of adidas Originals footwear for summer? A slide's wide upper strap provides plenty of real estate for the incorporation of eye-catching logos and expressive colors, and, for that reason, slides tend to stand out more than the comparatively narrow, Y-shaped strap of a flip-flop. Some fashion mavens prefer wearing slides for this reason, as particularly stylish slides—like adidas Originals Adilette slides—are more noticeable and might draw more attention than their comparatively demure flip-flop cousins. From a practicality standpoint, the wider strap of a slide also shields more of the foot from the sun, which reduces the chance of getting a sunburn on a part of the body where many people chronically forget to use sunscreen. Furthermore, while the straps of even high-quality flip-flops can start to irritate the skin on the big toe and/or the second toe after being worn for a few hours, slides can usually be worn for long stretches without feeling discomfort and irritation between the toes. And in particularly hot climates, you'll probably be tempted to wear your casual summer footwear whenever you're outdoors for several hours at a time, which makes considerations of comfort particularly critical.

If you're looking for a sunshine-ready footwear option that will keep your hooves happy all day long, the adidas Originals footwear range for summer offers the perfect blend of color, class and comfort. Our slides are constructed with materials that are built to last and can take you through every hour of a summer day, from a family barbecue to a romantic jaunt down the boardwalk. Browse our selection of adidas Originals slides, and keep your feet cool as temps heat up.