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adidas Neon Shoes

Not everyone has the swagger needed to confidently sport a pair of neon shoes. But if you do love bright colors and you're bursting with elemental energy, you might just have the bravado it takes to convincingly pull them off. On the other hand, if your energy level is suboptimal — particularly when faced with the prospect of running outside in the cold — a dash of neon could put the motivating skip in your step that you need to get out the door and elevate your heart rate. And adidas has a wide variety of neon kicks to both energize the athletes bold enough to wear them and catch the eye of everyone in their midst, whether on the soccer pitch, at the tennis court or on a favorite mountain biking trail.

The use of neon in all things apparel has come in and out of vogue throughout the decades, peaking in the '80s and reappearing periodically during waves of retro nostalgia. But wearing neon provides at least one key, enduring advantage that will never ever go out of style, at least not for runners and cyclists: safety. Those who run or bike in the early morning or early evening hours are advised to wear bright, reflective and attention-grabbing colors in order to ensure greater visibility for oncoming cars. This is particularly true when it comes to running during winter months, when overcast skies and a reduced number of daylight hours further limit visibility on the road. And while it's perhaps most advantageous for runners and cyclists to wear bright tops and hats, which are more likely to catch a driver at their eyeline, a pair of neon shoes, whether fully neon or simply neon-accented, will still add an extra degree of eye-catching color to your outdoor running routine. And when you train in adidas neon tennis shoes, your increased visibility is complemented by increased support for your feet and overall athletic achievement.

Our 3D-printed heels employ liquid resin and oxygen to soften the impact of every step you take. adidas PRIMEKNIT uppers provide a sock-like fit to ensure full range of motion for your foot while maximizing ventilation and breathability. Special adidas Boost midsoles, made from thermoplastic polyurethane particles, give a responsive return of your kinetic output, improving your performance. But while adidas footwear technologies help athletes maximize their achievements in any sport, for some, the choice to lace up a pair of adidas neon sneakers will inevitably be less of a performance consideration and more of a style statement. After all, it's easy to get lost in the crowd when you're playing on a pitch with 21 other athletes. And who knows? Your neon shoes might be so dazzling that they distract your opponents, giving you the perfect window of opportunity to finally bust out your wily rabona or nail an unexpected chip goal (à la Messi).

Whatever your sporting ambitions might be, your clothing choices, including footwear, ultimately have the power to help with visibility, intimidate your rivals and significantly influence your emotions and mental state. Athletic apparel in pastels and neutral tones might have a calming effect that's ideal for yoga and meditation. But those color palettes are unlikely to make you stand out, and they probably won't psych you up enough to shave a few minutes off your best marathon time. Wearing energized, high-voltage neon footwear can deliver the extra bit of motivation and energy needed to overcome any hurdles standing in the way of achieving athletic excellence, no matter what field, court or track you play on. Add a pop of vibrance to your kit today by shopping our selection of adidas neon shoes.