Men's Yoga Pants

Flow through practice and everything that happens next in adidas men's yoga pants. Pull-on designs in soft fabrics bring total comfort to every move.

adidas Men's Yoga Pants

adidas men's yoga pants offer comfort and flexibility when it's time to express yourself on the mat. Our selection of men's yoga pants feature AEROREADY technology to help wick away moisture. You'll stay focused and enjoy flexibility with our relaxed fabric that contours to your body and maneuvers with your movements. Maybe you're looking for long trousers with a tapered bottom to free your feet, or training short tights and leggings for a base layer. We have the right fit to suit your individual style. The benefits you get out of your yoga session are also about what you put in, which is why we help offer plenty of coverage while aiding your movement. We can promote maximum range and breathability, with an outfit that stays in place, even during the most intense poses and workouts.

Among our selection of men's yoga pants are the men's long tights that cater to a base layer, so you can lunge, kick and hit the cardio with as much energy as you like. There's no more need to worry about drawing attention to your comfort. The elastic waist and drawcord makes it a great choice when you want something to put on quickly underneath looser clothing. It's a great base layer for a yoga session after work. The tights are made with AEROREADY technology designed to wick away moisture so you can work your core longer, without the discomfort of unneeded sweat. And you won't have a problem layering it with track pants or something more casual to get from work to the studio. With long tights you'll feel the sleek Techfit material that offers a compressive feel for distraction-free comfort and optimal all-day support.

Stay comfortable and present through every bend and twist by getting the most out of your session on the mat with our men's yoga leggings. It's important to have a lightweight material that moves with you, and our leggings are a great way to keep you moving on the mat. Our long tights and Techfit tights both cater to greater flexibility of movement, and each has their own unique way of supporting your workout. With Techfit technology, you'll have more of a compression feel on your muscles. They'll help stabilize and support your workout so you can enjoy a full range of motion and greater circulation. With our Saturday long tights, you still have a tight fit with a mid-rise, but the fabric is soft and breathable, capable of absorbing more moisture with AEROREADY. Either way you decide to go, leggings are a trusted way to get the best out of your yoga workout.

When it comes to lower-body support and a higher level of performance, men's training tights are an important part of any good workout ensemble. You can dial up the intensity or pull it back. Go for a full cardio session, or treat yourself to a good cool-down stretch. Either way your workout goes, our tights are made to handle every degree of intensity and movement you can bring to the mat or to the gym. Our Allover training long tights give you a comfortable, snug fit, while allowing you all the room you need to move across the mat or put in a few reps in the weight room. With open air flow and breathability from mesh ventilation fabric, you'll still have that cool and dry feel, even when the reps start to climb into those double digits. Compliment the classic 3-Stripes classic look with our Adicane slides, and show off your inner athlete with some serious iconic style.

Men's Yoga Pants Frequently Asked Questions

Guys who go to yoga class should wear a comfortable tee or tank top and yoga pants. For cooler environments, long pants or tights are ideal; for warmer environments (or hot yoga), wear shorts. Men’s yoga pants come in regular and tight-fitting versions, so choose the one that’s comfortable for you. If you choose more loose-fitting pants, be sure to wear supportive briefs for full coverage.
Men can definitely wear leggings for yoga. There are a ton of options for men’s yoga pants, including tights, short tights and regular-fitting pants. Leggings are fitted and supportive for movement, with stretchy fabric that allows you to lengthen, lift and balance.
Joggers can work for yoga, but they’re not ideal for all situations. For example, the heavy fabric typically used in jogger pants might cause you to sweat more during an intense session, and baggier fabric could be a distraction. Men’s yoga pants, shorts and tights are specifically made for motion, with lightweight, supportive fabrics that absorb moisture to keep you focused.