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Men's Yoga Pants


You and your practice come first with these men's yoga pants. The flexible, comfortable designs make sure that you move freely as you flow from pose to pose.

adidas Men's Yoga Pants

When you step into yoga class, it's time to leave distractions at the door. And nothing says distraction-free like our ultra-comfortable selection of men's yoga pants from adidas. You can count on our men's yoga tights and leggings to help you stay present through every bend and twist. From Crow pose to Warrior One, they stretch and flex to your every move. Choose from snug-fitting tights that keep you feeling locked in and supported to lightweight, relaxed-fitting pants that give you a little more room. Our yoga tights and leggings also make a great moisture-wicking baselayer underneath shorts.

It's important to have lightweight, high-performance apparel, because that's what lets you stay focused on training. With men's yoga bottoms, you can keep your eye on the prize during every session. They are designed with technologies to make sure you're ready for any type of training, from pre-dawn HIIT workouts to chill recovery sessions at the studio. adidas AEROREADY absorbs moisture, so you stay dry from warmup to cool-down. HEAT.RDY air-cools and absorbs moisture, making it ideal for warm-weather miles or hot yoga. And if you train through the cold, look for men's workout pants with COLD.RDY. It insulates your body, so you stay warm when the temperature drops. Explore men's yoga pants from adidas for tights, shorts and leggings that will keep you comfortable on the move.

Men's Yoga Pants Frequently Asked Questions

Guys who go to yoga class should wear a comfortable tee or tank top and yoga pants. For cooler environments, long pants or tights are ideal; for warmer environments (or hot yoga), wear shorts. Men’s yoga pants come in regular and tight-fitting versions, so choose the one that’s comfortable for you. If you choose more loose-fitting pants, be sure to wear supportive briefs for full coverage.
Men can definitely wear leggings for yoga. There are a ton of options for men’s yoga pants, including tights, short tights and regular-fitting pants. Leggings are fitted and supportive for movement, with stretchy fabric that allows you to lengthen, lift and balance.
Joggers can work for yoga, but they’re not ideal for all situations. For example, the heavy fabric typically used in jogger pants might cause you to sweat more during an intense session, and baggier fabric could be a distraction. Men’s yoga pants, shorts and tights are specifically made for motion, with lightweight, supportive fabrics that absorb moisture to keep you focused.