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Men's NMD Sneakers: R1, R2, CS Shoes & More

Redefine your style with vintage ‘80s running vibes and transform each step with legendary Boost cushioning in adidas men’s NMD shoes. Elevate your sneaker game by exploring this modern classic.

adidas Men's Nmd Shoes

adidas men's NMD shoes are made for the old soul moving in the modern world. A perfect fusion of vintage adidas and current tech, these sneakers are 100% style and 100% function. Men's NMD tennis shoes are low-top sneakers that feature a Primeknit upper with a bootie construction on top of adidas revolutionary Boost sole. With a sock-like fit, you won't even notice your shoes. But others will. NMDs are made to be noticed. From simple colors to bright patterns, special runs and collaborations, these shoes are peak adidas. Strong enough for street jogging and hype enough for streetwear, you can rock them anywhere. The rubber outsole provides extra protection and support while the adidas PRIMEKNIT upper lets you move with comfort. Men's NMD shoes are made for those who go where their feet take them--for those who see adventure in the everyday and seize each moment with grit.

The idea behind men's NMD shoes is simple: take all the things that make running shoes great and put them in a shoe made for everyday use. These are shoes made for city walking. They are made to cross the bridge on foot, climb the stairs to your next meeting, bypass the ride and walk the ten blocks to happy hour. You can stand out with shoes in Impact Orange or sneakers with spotted black soles. You can play it cool with classic colors in any of the men's NMD sneaker models. You can explore a futurist look with future-inspired tech, with even a GORE-TEX option for the rainy city dweller who refuses to give up the on-foot commute. Paired with joggers or jeans, boardwalks or boardrooms, men's NMD tennis shoes are the everyday shoe that are anything but everyday footwear.

We believe the best way to see a city–to take in its character and uniqueness–is on foot. The vibrant artwork on the side of the drug store, the details in the fountain in front of the newest high-rise, the flowers in the city parks and the texture of the city benches require a walking pace. Men's NMD shoes are made to do just that. These performance-inspired sneakers take the best of athletic shoes by adidas and bring them into a shoe that is overqualified for the task of the everyday. The NMD line is inspired by adidas' rich history in running shoes and streetwear, and these shoes are no exception. With a timeless design and premium materials, these sneakers are a must-have for any sneaker head. With roots in the 80's, men's NMD tennis shoes are both heritage footwear and modern classic. A must-have for men ready to move.

adidas men's NMD shoes have already proven their staying power in the pantheon of sneaker classics. The iconic midsole plugs make them stand out in a lineup. With their comfortable, lightweight design and versatile style, they're perfect for a range of activities. You can hit the gym in the morning, go to the office during the day, run errands in the evening, meet up for drinks or lounge around the fire pit that night without ever changing your shoes. Or you can choose to change from a classic NMD design to one of our more vibrant models to meet you where you are. Most men who own NMD sneakers don't stop with one. Get a pair for casual use, one to dress up, one to wow, and one to blend into the crowded street you're exploring. These shoes have so many options, they may just overtake your shoe rack. Shop our selection of adidas men's NMD shoes, and find the right fit for you.