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Men's Basketball Jackets

Men's basketball jackets from adidas feature super-light material to give a seamless feel and moisture-wicking technologies. Shop all basketball gear from jackets to shorts and more today.

Boost your on-court presence with men's basketball jackets

Men's basketball jackets keep you active and energetic, delivering all the features you need to rule the court. Powered with exclusive adidas technologies, these jackets are incredibly comfortable and stylish, suitable for both men and women. You can sport them in all seasons to make a bold style statement. Basketball jackets from adidas bring your inner confidence and energy to light and ensure your presence does not go unnoticed. These jackets are made of super-light material to give a seamless feel. Ventilation features and moisture-wicking technology keep you cool, dry and fresh and safe from the elements. Whether you choose a windbreaker, bomber, outerwear or track jacket, your performance will be at its peak. Available in various sizes and colors, adidas sports jackets provide you an ample range to choose your perfect fit. You can add an edgy sports touch even to your casual look with these jackets and showcase your inner athlete both on and off the court.

Conquer the elements with men's basketball jackets from adidas

Nothing can stop you or even slow you down when you add a men's jacket to your sports outfit. With our unrivalled knowledge and expertise in sportswear, adidas has crafted unrivalled men's basketball jackets for athletes. These jackets aim to keep you going strong even in unfavourable and unpredictable conditions. Whether you need to beat the heat, downpours or wind, these sports jackets are your ideal companion. They are powered with exceptional insulation to keep you toasty on cold days. You can also find water-repellent and wind-resistant models that prevent you from slowing down on rainy or windy days. Features like reversible down models and adjustable hook-and-loop cuffs promise extra safety and support. Basketball jackets from adidas are made with ultra-soft, breathable fabric and sweat-wicking technology that help you stay dry, cool and fresh all day long. You can also pick hooded options for added protection and elevated style.