Men's Basketballs


adidas Men's Basketballs

Getting buckets is a way of life, and there's no better feeling that seeing one of our men's basketballs go right through the net. Whether you're working on your shooting form and release at the gym, the driveway or a local park, adidas has the right ball for you to hoop with. Fine-tune your jumper, work on tightening your ballhandling, your finishing ability or your passing. Men's indoor basketballs like the Pro Official Game Ball have a shiny look and a buttery-smooth feel, so you don't let anything stand between you and the game-winning shot. This adidas basketball has a soft and true feel with every bounce. The composite leather manages moisture from your hands, so there are no slippery turnovers when the game is on the line. Enhanced channels let you get the right grip on the ball, from the moment the ball touches your hands till it leaves your fingers.

You can bring this men's indoor basketball to any gym or rec center to work on your jumper or use it after practice and prove you're the first there and the last to leave. Practice your dribble by dribbling two balls at a time, dribbling in between cones or pulling off the moves you plan to use come game day. Set a timer on your phone and see how many shots you can make in a minute — a great way to build your stamina and practice close to game speed. Bring one of our men's outdoor basketballs to the driveway or a park nearby and make it rain to show you're the king of the court. Run the fast break and get your friends involved with a well-timed pass to the corner, or take it coast-to-coast for the highlight-reel finish. The smooth channels let you have complete control of the ball, whether you're palming it before you make your next move or firing a one-handed pass to the open man.

Men's outdoor basketballs like the All Court can be used in a gym or at a park. You can take your skills from the hardwood to the blacktop and vice versa. This adidas basketball works indoors as well as outdoors, so you don't have to worry about bringing the wrong ball to hoop — whether you're by yourself or with friends. The All Court men's outdoor basketball has a durable cover that feels smooth and true to the touch so you have an accurate feel from catch to release. We made it with a durable rubber bladder so it stays inflated time and time again, no matter what surface you're playing on. Get a few warmup shots at the driveway or the local park, slap the dust off your ball and hoop it up indoors. If it's raining outside, remember to leave the ball in a place where it can dry properly before you use it again.

No matter whether you're a gym rat or a blacktop fiend, there's an adidas men's basketball for you. Dribble between the legs on your way to school, spin it on your finger on your way to campus or show off that sweet stroke on any court. If you're traveling, any of these adidas basketballs fit nicely on a sackpack or training backpack. Whether you're breaking a sweat doing dribbling drills or testing your range letting it fly from deep, a good basketball makes all the difference on your performance. SO what are you waiting for? Show off that hustle, your burst of speed, a nifty dribble behind your back and that smooth finish at the rim to leave defenders on your wake. Check out our men's basketballs, and find the perfect one to hoop with.