Men's Baseball Cleats

For secure footing at the plate and in the field, lace up adidas men’s baseball cleats. Supportive uppers are tough enough for every slide, while rubber outsoles help you take off.


What’s your favorite thing about baseball? Whether it’s throwing fastballs or making waves in the stands, the right footwear for baseball can help you keep your head in the game. Combining a deep-rooted passion for sports heritage with the latest in performance technology, adidas baseball cleats are built for players and fans who crave speed and agility on the diamond and comfort that stretches into extra innings. From cleats to baseball turf shoes, choose from features like enhanced-fit lacing and toe caps that resist abrasion, to find the shoe that fits your game.

It doesn't matter if you're an up-and-coming baseball great or just a casual player who likes to compete in recreational leagues; you absolutely need to wear baseball cleats. The soles of adidas men's baseball cleats are engineered to provide the appropriate level of grip as well as the protection that is necessary for high-level play. If you are interested in upgrading your cleats, then adidas is the place to be since it is a well-known brand that produces high-quality sporting shoes, and the company makes some of the best cleats available today. For instance, the Adidas Men's Adizero Afterburner 8 NWV TPU Baseball Cleats are fantastic if you are looking for shoes that are not only long-lasting but also lightweight and offer a great deal of stability and ankle support.

No matter what position you play in baseball, any baseball cleat will do; nevertheless, if you want to perform at your absolute best, you should consider investing in cleats that offer more benefits than others. Metal cleats are good for outfielders since they don't gather up as much grass as other types of cleats do, and outfielders spend the majority of their time on grass. Infielders often use molded cleats, although if the surface of the infield is dry and firm, metal cleats may be a better option. Molded cleats are the most frequent type.

Choosing men’s baseball cleats depending on the size, fit, and features

It is quite easy to select the appropriate size because the process is quite similar to that of purchasing conventional shoes. You should wear shoes that fit you securely and comfortably, but it is ideal to make sure that they are not overly tight because this can create discomfort or even agony. There are a lot of baseball cleats that have a narrow fit and construction, and even though some of them require a little bit of time to break in, you should probably look for broader cleats if you have a wide foot.

The men's baseball cleats have interchangeable cleats, which allow the player to choose between metal and plastic studs at any time throughout a game. Because of their adaptability and the fact that they are simple to use, typically, all that is required is to put them on or take them off, and they are appealing to players who wish to improve their performance both during practice and in actual competition.

The majority of baseball cleats men provide excellent protection; however, the level of protection they offer is contingent on the materials used. Cleats are typically constructed with synthetic leather, which provides a robust structure as well as some degree of water resistance. Additionally, cleats typically feature mesh material around the front and upper portions of the shoe in order to increase breathability.


With strategic cushioning and outsole plates made for the trickiest plays, a great pair of baseball cleats will help you stay sure on your feet whether you’re stealing third or hustling to catch a ground ball. When it’s time to practice your swing, trade your cleats for durable baseball training shoes. The abrasion-resistant uppers and ergonomic traction outsoles of our turf shoes keep you comfortable through long sessions in the batting cage or cheering for your favorite team.

For information on how to clean your baseball cleats, read our step-by-step guide on our blog.

Men's Baseball Cleats Frequently Asked Questions

Baseball shoes are lightweight athletic shoes with a cleated or rubber outsole for traction on the field. Some baseball cleats are low cut and built for speed, while others have a higher cut for more ankle support. Shoes without cleats are also available for playing on artificial turf.
Professional baseball players wear baseball shoes with metal or TPU cleats. Metal cleats dig into the field for excellent traction. But lots of players wear molded TPU cleats to reduce foot fatigue. adidas baseball cleats with either metal or TPU cleats offer excellent support and traction.
TPU baseball cleats are made with molded plastic instead of metal. Baseball shoes with TPU cleats offer an alternative to metal cleats. TPU cleats are safer than metal cleats while still providing excellent traction and impact resistance. TPU baseball cleats are popular with players of all skill levels.