/ June 2021

How to Clean Baseball Cleats

Stay looking fresh on the ball field with our guide on how to remove grass-stains and mud from your baseball cleats!

Playing baseball means getting your spikes grass-stained, dirty and muddy from running around the bags, sliding into home or creating a web-worthy play out in the field. It’s all a part of the game, and so is cleaning your cleats afterwards. It gets you locked in for your next game, so you’ll once again show the speed, traction and the ability to stand out.

Note: Never put your cleats into a washing machine or dryer. Never dry them by placing them next to a radiator/vent or using a hair dryer.


When you’re learning how to clean baseball cleats, follow these steps:

Step 1

Hard surfaces like concrete and sidewalks damage cleats so remove them in the dugout. Then hit the cleats together to knock off excess dirt, grass and mud. 

Step 2

Dry scrub your cleats with an old toothbrush. Second, apply a mixture of water and laundry detergent using a toothbrush to scrub away remaining dirt and stains.

Step 3

Use a wet washcloth soaked in warm water to rinse away soap and suds.

Step 4

Allow them to air dry at room temperature and never store them wet. Prolonged moisture leads to odors.

Step 5

If possible, remove insoles. Place insoles and laces inside a pillowcase and run them both through the washing machine on cold/delicate. This will help eliminate existing odors.

Use these cleaning tips for your Adizero Baseball Cleats, Icon Baseball Cleats, Afterburner Baseball Cleats to be game ready!

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p>Use these cleaning tips for your Adizero Baseball Cleats, Icon Baseball Cleats, Afterburner Baseball Cleats to be game ready!
/ June 2021