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Men’s Baseball Cleats

Whether you’re stealing third, powering a home run or diving for the crucial last out, you need the traction of adidas men’s baseball cleats. Dig in with metal or molded cleats that help you take off.


Baseball is all about making tight maneuvers and spotting opportunities, and the right footwear can boost your speed and agility when you need it most. Crafted specifically for baseball plays, the outsole plates on adidas men’s baseball cleats enhance your traction whether you're running down a line drive in the gap or stealing second to put yourself in scoring position. Explore color options from classic to vibrant, metal and molded cleat types, and a variety of styles in low, mid and high top, to find the ideal baseball cleat for your game.

From one inning to the next, you need footwear that’s ready for whatever the game has in store, whether you’re diving for ground balls or hitting doubles. With a wide range of colors and features, Icon V and Icon V Bounce baseball cleats offer all-around performance for every type of baseball player, from power hitters to infield hustlers. Or, if you’re game to outrun anything, lace up with Adizero Afterburner: the lightest cleats in baseball.

For information on how to clean your baseball cleats, read our step-by-step guide on our blog.

Men’s Baseball Cleats Frequently Asked Questions

Baseball cleats are typically made either with metal studs or with molded rubber or plastic studs. Hybrid cleats use a combination of materials. This keeps them lightweight for speed between bases while still allowing players to dig into grass and dirt for pivots, lunges and sharp corners. For example, adidas adizero baseball cleats like the Afterburner NWV combine the performance of metal with the light weight of synthetics.
The lightest baseball cleats adidas makes are the adizero Afterburner 9 NWV. The adizero baseball cleats are engineered for the fastest players from the ground up, using the lightest materials, including mono-mesh uppers and Sprintskin overlays. LIGHTLOCK technology, a knit bootee and a widened lacing system help secure the foot during takeoff.