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Leo Messi Soccer Shoes & Cleats

Channel the speed and agility of Lionel Messi with his signature soccer shoes: the adidas X Speedflow cleats. Flexible stability and lightweight design support the most creative players in the game.

adidas Lionel Messi Soccer Shoes

What player in soccer history has left as big a mark on the game as Messi? Show your love for the man, the myth and the legend in Lionel Messi soccer shoes from adidas. Naturally, they're designed for the most creative players in the game, with all the performance features to help you unleash your speed and agility on the pitch. Lionel Messi soccer cleats are built using the X franchise, the adidas range designed to turn fast a little bit faster. How do you make a soccer shoe for the speed demon? The key is to keep things light. Lionel Messi soccer shoes feature minimalist uppers. We cut down on bulk by using ultra-light materials and acceleration-boosting technologies such as Speedskin to keep you out in front. While the cleats are light in weight, they also have plenty of lockdown since it's important to feel strapped in for sprints and feints.

One thing to consider when shopping for Lionel Messi soccer shoes is the playing surface on which you will wear them. If you typically play on natural grass pitches, select a pair of cleats with a firm ground outsole. Indoor soccer shoes are great for futsal and sala. They ride on gum rubber outsoles tuned for the specific traction you need on hard, flat surfaces. Artificial grass cleats are made for all generations of artificial grass. They're different from turf shoes, which have lugged rubber outsoles instead of cleats. Turf consists of shorter blades of artificial grass than AG surfaces, and it has almost a carpet-like feel. Lionel Messi soccer turf shoes give you the balance and traction you need to excel on a surface that doesn't have much grip to it. When it's time to make your mark on the game, stay ready with a pair of Lionel Messi soccer shoes built for any playing style or surface.