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Leo Messi Soccer Cleats


Channel the agile beauty of the game’s most dynamic player with adidas Lionel Messi cleats. Breeze past defenders, score outrageous goals or do both at the same time. It’s time to create greatness.


The action only stops when you say so. Dictate the pace and direct the flow of the game in Messi soccer cleats—X Speedflow—by adidas. Designed for powerful moves and staying agile at full speed, X Speedflow is constructed with performance-ready components to elevate your game. These sleek Leo Messi cleats have a Carbitex carbon fiber inserts and raised forefoot give you more flexibility while supporting quick cuts and turns in any direction. Choose the right Leo Messi soccer cleats to suit your style of play, from firm ground designs to indoor shoes and cleats crafted for carving up the turf. Find Lionel Messi soccer cleats in gold, bold red, and more. However and wherever you sport the X Speedflow, one thing is for sure: In these cleats, you’ll be unstoppable.


adidas released the first Samba in 1950 as a traction-soled soccer shoe to help players train on frozen ground. For the 1954 FIFA World Cup™, the German national team wore a studded variation of the Samba and beat the “unbeatable” Hungarians in the final match. With that, adidas became a household name in the sport, positioning Samba as a footwear favorite for generations of indoor soccer players and style creators to come. In 1970, the adidas Telstar got its debut as the World Cup’s first official match ball—the now-iconic black and white panel design instantly recognizable even today. With every piece of soccer gear we create—from iconic balls to jerseys to Leo Messi cleats—adidas leads with innovation, pushing the game with high-quality soccer gear to creators of all levels around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Soccer Cleats

What cleats does Lionel Messi wear?

Lionel Messi currently wears adidas X Speedflow soccer cleats featuring a Carbitex carbon fiber insert and raised forefoot that sparks powerful propulsion, stabilizing Agilitycage straps and adidas Primeknit for comfort. These lightweight cleats are built to support through accelerated movements and radical changes in direction while providing a supreme adaptive fit.

Do professional soccer players wear soft ground or firm ground cleats?

Professional soccer players typically wear both soft ground and firm ground cleats depending on the type of field, levels of moisture, and seasonality. Firm ground cleats have non-removable plastic cleats and are most commonly used because of their versatility for multiple field surfaces like thin dry grass, artificial grass, and other harder natural grass surface areas. Soft ground cleats are better suited for wet natural grass and muddy surfaces because of the removable metal studs that provide extra traction by biting deeper into softer surfaces.

Do professional soccer players wear metal cleats?

Professional soccer players regularly wear metal soccer cleats because they provide superior traction, grip and responsiveness. Metal soccer cleats are also more durable and can be replaced with wear instead of buying a completely new pair of shoes.