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Kids' Warm Ups

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adidas Kids' Warm Ups

Warm up to the idea of adidas kids' warm ups. With versatility and performance in mind, this selection of kids' sweatsets offers options perfect for keeping your little ones comfortable in an adorable and athletic outfit. With a variety of colors in the classic 3-Stripes design or Disney character patterns to choose from, they're sure to find the perfect set to suit their style on the playground or the soccer field. The adidas track suits are iconic on and off the pitch, with features like ribbed cuffs, ribbed hems, side or front pant pockets and zip top pockets. The classic athletic design with a bomber collar has a full zipper for easy on-and-off action while working up a sweat. The known quality of adidas construction assures that kids will stay cozy and warm all play and all day long.

Sport enthusiasts know the importance of warming up before the game and cooling down after play. Don't sweat the small stuff in these adidas kids' sweatsuits. They have a classic and timeless design, and rest assured your little athlete will be running the field in a warm yet breathable fabric. The adidas kids' tracksuits are a necessary addition to every child's track gear. When geared up in a track suit, warming up for the next sprint or relay race is a faster process. Their muscles and joints become more agile, preventing possible injury or slowdown during the race. On the basketball court, the little ones are hustling and sweating up a storm. But when they need a break from the sprints, the abrupt cool-down can hurt their game. Sweat suits help to keep your kids warm while on the sidelines or taking a breather, so they are ready at a moment's notice to jump back into the game and score the winning jump shot.

Even during off-season, adidas kids' tracksuits are a stylish school-day outfit. Looking cool is one thing, but keeping comfortable in the classroom is just as important so they can stay focused during every lesson. When the recess bell rings, you know the kids will be running for the jungle gym or kickball field. Whether they want to jump rope, play tetherball or capture the flag, your kids will be well equipped for the playground in any one of the adidas kids' warm ups. The zip pockets on top make it convenient for your kids to hold onto their lunch money, keys or any small item without losing them while at play, while the pants pockets are a perfect place to keep their little hands when they're cold. Have them match their friends or team up by wearing like colors — every child can join in on the track suit trend.

When kicking back at home during the cold season or playing video games, adidas kids' warm ups are an easy go-to, lazy Sunday style. Made with soft polyester, these track suits make a rest day at home more relaxed. Easy to wash and dry, these track suits can withstand any at-home coloring session or science project. With ample room to move, kids can let their creativity flow and flex, just like their arms and legs. And when they start to get restless from all the sitting down, they can easily jump into jumping jacks or stretch out their limbs. Chilling at home doesn't have to mean laying low and doing nothing. Keep the kids ready for action in an outfit that never quits. The adidas kids' sweatsuits are designed to keep active kids warm and free of stress, with a relaxed fit and that classic adidas swagger. Fit them up or dress them down in versatile and athletic adidas kids' warm ups.