Kids Superstar Shoes


adidas superstar shoes first debuted on the basketball court and have been an icon ever since. Our kids superstar shoes feature the classic silhouette in a variety of colors, from black and white to metallic.

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Are the adidas Superstar toddler sizes true to size or do they run big?

adidas Superstar toddler sizes run true to size. To find out how to measure, read our sizing guide.

What is the difference between the youth and child Superstar models?

adidas Superstars for children are for ages four to seven years old, while adidas Superstars for youths are for ages eight to 16 years old. For more information on how to measure, read our sizing guide.

Are kids Superstars made of leather like adults’ are?

Some versions of adidas Superstars for kids are made with the same full-grain leather upper as the adult versions while some are made with a synthetic upper. Check the specifications section of the shoe you’re interested in, and it will indicate if the upper is made of leather or synthetic material.

Are kids Superstars slip on or do they need to be tied?

Some adidas Superstars for kids are made in a slip-on style, but most maintain the classic Superstar look with a lace closure. Check the specifications section of the shoe you’re interested in, and it will indicate if it is a lace closure or slip-on model.


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