Baby & Toddler Lego Shoes


adidas Kids' Infant & Toddler Lego Shoes

Build up the closet with kids' infant & toddler LEGO® shoes, specifically designed for tiny tots who love to play. These shoes are made from a soft, breathable fabric and have a slip-on design for easy on-and-off. The cushioned insole provides comfort and support for your child's feet, while the rubber outsole offers traction and durability. Whether your child is taking their first steps or running around on the playground, these shoes will help them do it in style. Inspired by the classic LEGO® brick, these shoes are as sturdy and bold as the favorite child's building block. These infant LEGO® footwear have a soft textile upper stitched with the classic 3-Stripes and complete with a lightweight midsole designed for all-day action. These baby LEGO® shoes are made to inspire an active lifestyle through the power of play.

For the toddlers that are always on the go, the baby LEGO® shoes made from Ortholite® sockliners are a playful way to get your child to put their shoes on. After having a taste for freedom of movement, it's difficult to stop any toddler in the middle of their strut. The kids' infant & toddler LEGO® shoes make persuasion a little bit easier by combining playtime with shoe time. Looking like it just walked out of a toy box, the iconic adidas silhouette gets a revamp in the toddlers' adidas Superstar X LEGO® shoes. The slip-on design of these shoes has a soft, stretchy textile upper so it's easy to put on, even by themselves! Teach them how to slip it on like a sock using the large heel hook to secure a snug fit and they'll be begging to go for walks in their new kicks. And the best part of the infant LEGO® footwear is that you'll never have to stop their play, even when it's time to put their shoes on: The heel patch on these Superstars incorporates a playful LEGO® brick with knobs that lets little ones build onto it with their favorite LEGO® bricks.

For those little ones learning to run before they walk, you can't get their shoes on fast enough. The adidas LEGO® Racers are for every little rugrat racer. With AdiFIT length-measuring insoles and EVA outsoles with deep flex grooves, these shoes are designed for big first steps and non-stop runners. Out in the mud or sand, check out the trail your little one leaves behind. The grippy outsole creates a fun trail of LEGO® tracks with every step or stride. This feature alone sparks the excitement you need to get your kids to stomp around in the outdoors. Velcro straps make it easy for parents–and even toddlers–to secure each shoe with ease. You can choose from the athletic low-top collection or high-top winter boots for every one of your next outdoor excursion.

Kids grow up fast, and sometimes they want to look just like the older kids in school. Without needing to know how to tie their shoes just yet, the elastic laces with hook-and-loop straps make it easy to take these kids' infant & toddler LEGO® shoes on and off quickly while looking just like the tie up shoes the big kids are wearing. And as they ask for more responsibilities, toddlers can practice their independence by sliding into their own slip-on sneakers before gearing up for another day of fun, carefree exploration. Choose from a range of bold colors that match their popular toy blocks and movie characters. We can't stop your kids from growing up, but at least play time never has to end with the kids' infant & toddler LEGO® shoes