Kids Hiking Shoes and Sneakers

Swap the electronics for kids’ hiking shoes and get them outside for some good old-fashioned fun. Show them how good it feels to run, jump and trek up the trails in supportive footwear.

Kids' Hiking Shoes & Boots

Getting a good pair of kids’ hiking shoes is half the battle when it comes to a smooth trek. Once little feet are secure with grippy hiking sneakers to give them confident footing on any surface, everyone will enjoy the outdoor escape. Kids’ hiking shoes are built to endure whatever conditions you encounter on your memory-making family ventures. Shop adidas for kids’ hiking footwear made to stand up to whatever the day brings from sunshine to snowfall.

Kids Hiking Shoes and Sneakers Frequently Asked Questions

The best kids’ hiking shoes are comfortable, grippy, breathable and supportive. If they’re not comfortable, kids either won’t wear them or they’ll want to cut the hike short. Good traction helps kids navigate all kinds of surfaces without slipping. Breathable materials minimize sweat buildup and strong smells. Ankle support helps prevent rolled or sprained ankles when hiking uneven terrain. For wet hiking, look for water-resistant shoes that are still breathable. Hiking sandals are also an option for warm-weather treks, providing both traction and airflow.
Toddlers don’t necessarily need hiking shoes. The most important thing for longer and more enjoyable walks is that the shoes little kids wear on a trail are comfortable and have traction. For more serious hiking, or toddlers who really want their own pair of kids’ hiking shoes, there are some options that provide high-traction outsoles, ankle support and a breathable upper. If possible, have your child try the shoes on first to make sure they feel good.
Kids can hike in sandals, depending on the terrain and the weather. For more solid footing, kids’ hiking shoes include sandal options. Look for durable forefoot bumpers that give full toe coverage, grippy rubber outsoles, closed heels and adjustable straps to fit feet just right. Kids’ hiking sandals are best for warm-weather hikes, especially ones near the water.