Boost Hiking Shoes

Up. Down. Across. Extend your range on the trail with adidas Boost hiking shoes to fuel every stride with the grip and support to match any trail.

adidas Boost Hiking Shoes

For short jaunts through the city park to longer treks through challenging terrain, adidas Boost hiking shoes will get you there in comfort and style. These shoes not only provide a comfortable fit, but also offer excellent performance and durability, making them a great choice for anyone hitting the trails. The Boost technology used in the midsoles of this hiking footwear is made from small, compressed beads, providing an unparalleled level of energy return and cushioning. This means that when you're out on the trail, your feet will feel more energized and less fatigued, even after a long day of hiking. Whether you're looking for sneaker styles or higher-cut boot styles, you'll find plenty of options in this collection of adidas Boost hiking shoes. Not only do they provide all-day cushioning, they give you the flexibility and durability you need to keep scrambling over rough terrain. And they're breathable, too, to keep your feet dry and comfy.

Support and stability are crucial out on the trail, and adidas Boost hiking shoes deliver both in spades. Styles with sturdy, reinforced toe caps help protect against stubs on rocks and roots, and minimize the risk of bruising or the dreaded black nail. Durable Continental™ Rubber outsoles provide excellent, reliable traction on a variety of surfaces, from rocks to roots to mud to gravel. This extraordinary grip is ideal for hikers who are looking to tackle technical trails and rugged terrain. Depending on your needs, you can choose from tread patterns that are deep and widely spaced for good traction on loose or muddy terrain; or shallower and closely spaced patterns firmer and harder surfaces The outsoles on this collection of adidas Boost hiking sneakers and boots are durable enough to take on tough climbs, season after season, and transition easily from one surface to another. Hikers of all levels can step with confidence.

When it comes to hiking, it's not just what's underfoot that counts; you need protection for the top half of your foot and ankle too. The breathable uppers in adidas Boost hiking footwear keep air circulating around your feet to prevent overheating and sweating. This is especially important when hiking in hot or humid conditions. Abrasion-resistant reinforcements help you take on off-trail scrambles with confidence, and foot-hugging Primeknit textile uppers and ankle collars deliver a supportive, second-skin fit. For hikes in variable weather, choose styles with RAIN.RDY or GORE-TEX protective membranes to seal out the rain without trapping heat inside. Boost hiking shoes with COLD.RDY can double as winter boots and add extra protection from frigid air, with low-profile insulation and heat-sealing warmth for comfy feet. Comfort, support and protection from the elements -- all in a lightweight package that won't feel clunky or weigh you down on the trail. Not a bad deal.

Now that you've perused your options, it's time to choose the right style of adidas Boost hiking sneakers or boots to suit your preference. Consider a few factors: What type of trail do you prefer to hike on? Rocky, tricky terrain calls for boots with reinforced toe caps and abrasion-resistant details, but lighter hikes on smoother surfaces work great for sneaker styles with a bit less protection. What about the weather? If rain is in the forecast, select styles with waterproofing features. As for fit, you'll want a little extra room for your toes to wiggle, so keep that in mind when selecting a size. Style-wise, adidas has plenty of choices for an understated look or stand-out boldness on the trail. Choose from neutral grays and blacks to brighter pinks and yellows; there's something for everyone. All in all, these are top-notch choices for every level of hiker. Pick out your new favorite pair of adidas Boost hiking shoes at