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Like everything adidas, our hardware is built to keep up. In the city, on the trail, adidas gear is the perfect way to next-level your workout.

adidas Hardware

High-quality hardware from adidas keeps you safe, hydrated and ready for any performance challenge that might come your way. Choose from a range of sports essentials to ensure you stay perfectly equipped and prepared at all times, including supportive ankle wraps, steel water bottles and handy lanyards. Our hardware provides the functionality needed across a wide variety of athletic pursuits without sacrificing classic, sleek adidas style.

Whether you plan to kill it on the basketball court, dominate the soccer pitch or shave ten minutes off your marathon time, proper hydration (or lack thereof) influences every aspect of your athletic performance and recovery. Simply put, every athlete needs to be highly conscious of their water consumption in order to reach any sporting goal they set. Drinking water helps regulate your body temperature, distribute nutrients to your muscles and lubricate your joints. While the average sedentary individual should drink around three to four liters of water per day, athletes need to increase their level of water intake substantially and should stay hydrated before, during, and after any strenuous workout. The easiest way to ensure you guzzle enough water throughout the day is to keep a reusable water bottle on hand at all times. And our one-liter bottles make it easy to track your daily fluid intake in health-conscious style. adidas water bottles are safe and clean, as they're created without the use of BPA, a hazardous chemical used to manufacture many lower-quality plastic water bottles. Our bottles' stainless steel, double-walled construction makes them versatile too, as they can keep your coffee warm all day at the office or preserve cold H2O for your long summer hikes. And if you're worried about misplacing your slick new water bottle, its clipped top allows you to attach it to another essential piece of hardware, the adidas lanyard. Wear our lanyard across your body or around your neck and never misplace your water bottle again.

While staying hydrated protects your joints internally, using the right outerwear can give an athlete's bones the level of support they need to prevent injuries or re-injuries from occurring while at play. And although many sports involve considerable wear and tear on athletes' lower extremities, the start-stop pace of moving up and down the basketball court, combined with awkward landings from jumps, means ballers have to take extra precautions to safeguard their feet. Packing the right hardware, like an adidas ankle wrap, can make the difference between sustaining a serious sprain from an awkward fall vs. jumping right back up and accelerating pain-free into your next alley-oop. Leather adidas ankle wraps are a stronger, sweat-absorbing, reusable alternative to repeatedly wrapping up with athletic tape. The wraps are adjustable and comfortable, offering support for your ankle without inhibiting your all-important range of movement on the court. And though adidas ankle wraps may have been designed with basketball players in mind, they're a smart preventative measure for a number of other sports that strain the ankles as well, like volleyball.

Whether your dream is to be the next Damian Lillard or you're simply aiming to be the MVP of your neighborhood pickup game, having the right equipment can maximize your chances of success at any level of your sport. Carrying a durable, reusable water bottle with you everywhere you go will ensure you down the necessary fluids for your body to perform at its absolute maximum throughout the day. Complement that high-performance approach with protective gear so that you can leave everything you have on the court without fear of injury. Browse the adidas hardware collection to find the high-quality athletic accessories you need to level up your play.