grey jerseys


Gray jerseys

Do you also have very high standards in every situation? We know that details make all the difference. With our outfits, perfect style doesn't mean you have to lose any of your dynamism. Our collections feature various designs perfectly tailored to your needs. With adidas jerseys you'll always be dressed stylish and comfortably. With gray jerseys, you can give it your all from one day to the next.

The brand with the three stripes – adidas gray jerseys

Ocean plastic and recycled polyester are among the materials we use to manufacture our jerseys. Do you value sustainability? Hey, so do we! That's why we use recycled materials in our production process. This means that when you participate in sport, you are not just doing yourself some good but the environment as well.

You will find jerseys in the Condivo, Tango and Tiro17 collections.

We support sportsmanship and creativity. Together, men, kids and women can break and redefine the rules, only to then question them once more.

Gray jerseys from adidas are your new support – especially if you are prepared to surpass your goals from day to day.