Gore-Tex Jackets

When the adventure demands that you go all in, our GORE-TEX jackets are an essential layer for powering through tough mountain conditions. Breathable, waterproof GORE-TEX keeps out snow, rain and wind while wicking moisture from within, so you stay dry and protected no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. Plenty of zip pockets let you stash your snacks and phone securely, so you can go hands-free as you scramble over rocky terrain. Thoughtful details like reflective elements and adjustable cuffs elevate these GORE-TEX coats and jackets from average to extraordinary.

GORE-TEX® jackets for an active life

Don’t let the rain catch you unprepared and make sure you are equipped with adequate protection, such as that provided by the adidas selection of GORE-TEX® jackets. Available in a range of colors and designs from the modern to the progressive, these GORE-TEX® jackets will keep you active no matter the weather conditions. Choose a style with a fitted fit for a snug feeling, a loose fit for a superior range of free movement, or a regular fit that is the perfect combination and offers the best of both worlds. And for those days when the wind picks up, a jacket with a high neckline will keep the cool air away.

Comfort on multiple levels

GORE-TEX® jackets are built to provide comfort from the inside out. Thanks to fabric that is designed to feature a microporous structure, water is unable to pass through and will keep you dry from the outside, while vapour is able to escape from the inside making your jacket breathable and keeping that feeling of freshness. When the temperature drops and you need a bit of extra warmth, look for a style with added insulation which can trap your body heat and keep you warm naturally, and if you are a frequent traveller and want a style you can easily transport, look for one of the GORE-TEX® coats with Karkaj technology which can be converted into a wearable accessory.

Practical details in every style

In addition to providing you with needed protection from the rain, the adidas selection of GORE-TEX® jackets includes a number of practical details that will enable you to personalize how you use your jacket. A style with a full zip is easy to slip on when you feel the first drops of rain; pockets will enable you to keep a few essential items safe and dry; and drawstrings on the hood allow you to tighten the fit to keep it stable and you well protected.