Gore-Tex Boots

Stomping up muddy trails never felt so good. GORE-TEX boots from adidas help you tackle challenging terrain in comfort, from trailhead to summit. Breathable, waterproof membranes seal out rain, slush and mud while allowing air to flow, so your feet stay ventilated and dry even in the wettest conditions. Pair that with responsive adidas Boost cushioning for all-day energy return, and you'll feel fresh with each step. Rugged Continental™ Rubber outsoles on these GORE-TEX shoes and boots grip slippery, uneven surfaces, so you can embrace off-trail scrambles and rocky terrain with confidence.

adidas Goretex Boots

Hiking is all about taking it slow and enjoying your natural surroundings. Whether you're escaping from the city for a restive weekend in the mountains or you're climbing your favorite local trail after work, having a dependable hiking boot makes all the difference. GORE-TEX boots from adidas are designed to help you explore the places and landscapes you love. Styles designed with energy-returning adidas Boost midsoles give you the comfort and cushion you need to scale high peaks. Focus on the trail ahead, not your footwear. Boots made with supportive canvas uppers protect your feet from low-lying brush and branches. There's no trail too technical for our selection of waterproof hiking boots. Styles built with foot-hugging comfort let you extend your excursion out in the woods from a day hike to an overnight adventure to an entire weekend getaway. Whatever you decide, trust your gear will get you from the trailhead to the summit and back again.

When heading out into the wild, it's important to have gear that can take on the elements. Our weather-resistant boots are built for the cold, wet weather you're bound to encounter. With a pair of our boots on, there's no such thing as too cold. Waterproof boots designed with GORE-TEX Duratherm seal out the snow, slush and water to keep your feet dry as you navigate snowy, wet trails. From hiking muddy switchbacks to crossing an icy rock garden, our boots can do it all. Styles made with COLD.RDY are insulated for added warmth when the temperature drops. Low-profile insulation with heat-sealing warmth provides comfort all hike long. So the next time you think it's too cold or wet for a hike, grab a pair of our GORE-TEX boots and hit the trail. From snow to rain to mud, there's no weather condition these shoes can't handle.

Climbing technical trails in the mountains can help you reach new summits, but that's only possible with the right footwear. Traction on slick surfaces like slippery rocks and wet roots is the difference between making it to the vista or having to turn back. But in our waterproof hiking boots, you're sure to reach the mountain's crest. Styles designed with superior traction give you stability and confidence with every step, no matter if the ground is icy, slick or wet. Continental™ Rubber offers extraordinary grip on any trail, wet or dry, so you can explore well beyond the trailhead. For everything from scaling technical trails to rock-hopping above the tree line, our boots are equipped with a durable outsole that's ready for anything. Whatever your adventure brings, from hiking a wooded path to setting up camp, you'll feel confident in your footing in our selection of weather-resistant shoes built for the elements.

For days when escaping to the mountains isn't in the cards, our GORE-TEX shoes are perfect for everyday wear around town. From taking the dog for a walk in a downpour to running errands on a snowy day, waterproof, insulated styles will keep your feet dry and warm all day long. And with such an attractive style, they're sure to match any outfit in your wardrobe — all you have to do is choose the color that speaks to you. Choose from classic black-on-black or retro olive with bright orange accents to complete your overall look. If you're looking for a subtle, rich hue, boots available in dark plum and maroon are just the right amount of color. Lace up and take on the elements in style, knowing your fashion won't be compromised. Discover GORE-TEX boots from adidas, and be prepared for whatever the weather throws your way, wherever your adventure takes you.