Fleece Clothes

Bring the comfort of home with you wherever you go. With adidas fleece clothes, it's quick and easy to shift into chill mode in colors and styles you love.
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adidas Fleece Clothes

You shouldn't need to look for a reason to buy one of life's wardrobe essentials. But here are a few scenarios where you'll be glad you decided to check out fleece clothes from adidas. You've just hit the changing rooms after an unreal session at the gym and you need to unwind. Bingo. It's the weekend, you've completed your chores and all you want to do is lounge around in front of a trashy movie. No brainer. You're heading out into the cold to see your friends but you want to carry the cosiness of home out with you. You're welcome!

Why are fleece clothes so insanely comfortable? It's their super-soft fleece fabric that you can feel against your skin the minute you pull them on. It's those ribbed details that deliver a tucked-in, cozy finish. It's the range of fits, from sporty streamlined to super-relaxed. Why is adidas fleece apparel special? It's the choice of looks. From clean, classic Originals models to sporty options, to colorful collaborations, there's something to suit every taste. So whether you're after a hoodie, a sweatshirt, shorts or a pair of classic sweatpants, check out the vast selection of fleece clothes above and say hello to your brand-new, wear-anywhere wardrobe staple.