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Update your soft wear with fleece apparel from adidas. Made from breathable materials, fleece clothing provides comfortable, cozy coverage that looks as good as it feels.
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adidas Fleece Clothes

Warm up in a cozy outfit from the adidas fleece clothes collection, whether you're hitting the slopes or enjoying a movie night. From top to bottom, you can dress completely in fleece. Finish off your athletic look with the best way to keep warm while feeling cool. Fleece is a soft, plushy fabric that feels like being wrapped in a blanket. To ensure ultimate comfort, indulge in the delicacy of fleece apparel for the whole family. Women's fleece clothes are a great addition to every closet because they are easy to layer underneath any type of gear or wear lounging around the house. Men's fleece attire offers a wide range of athletic and casual streetwear to choose from, while the kids' fleece selection offers parents an easy go-to outfit that keeps their little ones warm. With choices of fleece made with cotton, organic cotton or lyocel, you'll find a fabric that feels good and fits you perfectly.

Stay on top of this season's temperature drop with winter fleece clothes to keep you feeling toasty. Jackets lined in fleece can be worn over any outfit without forfeiting style. Browse the fleece hoodies section to find the right match. Our hoodies come in all colors and designs. And even find various styles like bomber jackets for a vintage flair. Choose between cover-ups with the adidas Badge of Sport full-fledged and frontal or the subtlety of a small emblem. Fleece jackets are the perfect addition to every wardrobe, whether layered underneath a snow jacket or thrown over a T-shirt on a cool morning. Rain or shine, fleece attire by adidas provides performance enhancement while also looking good. Hoodies and jackets have a full zip to accommodate your style preference and athletic needs. Express your individual style in a variety of patterns and collaborations to keep yourself protected and laid-back all year long.

Dress up with a range of fleece shirts to keep your upper body thermal and active. Fleece tops range from half-zips to pullovers and tees. Long sleeve shirts are perfect for winter school days or even a brisk evening jog. Soft fleece keeps your body heat in and the wind chill out, so you can warm up for the big game or curl up with a book. If you're looking for more ways to keep toasty in the cold, complete your look with a fleece vest for a further layer, or top it off with a fuzzy hat. Warmups are essential for what their name implies: warming up before the big game. Fleece track suits keep your limbs limber and extremities protected from the extreme climate chill. They're perfect for training on the field or watching the game at home, so you can enjoy the relaxed fit of fleece pants and tops in a classic black or with your favorite team colors.

Sweat pants are a popular clothing item because they are comfortable to wear in any situation. Fleece sweat pants are worn to the gym and on the basketball court to work up a sweat and activate muscles, but they are also a popular choice to wear on a long-haul flight. When you feel at ease, you will worry less about what you're wearing and focus more on what's in front of you. That's why fleece apparel has become such a celebrated wardrobe choice. Nowadays, fleece pants are worn to class and even some offices. Fleece lounge pants are a must-have around the house because they not only provide you full movement to stretch or lay out on the couch, but some can pass for more formal-looking pants. That way, you can feel great at home and look great running to the store or even to work. Why stop at pants? Fleece shorts are a great way to enjoy the same favorite qualities but in a more warm-weather-suitable fashion. Find your preference in fleece clothes, and enjoy the relaxed feeling of being wrapped up in fleece.

Fleece Clothing Frequently Asked Questions

Fleece is great for hiking because it's warm, breathable and dries quickly. Fleece hiking jackets come in different weights, from lightweight layers to heavyweight winterized jackets. Fleece made with synthetic materials will keep you warm while still remaining breathable, making it useful in many weather conditions. Fleece fabric is also durable and doesn't shrink in the dryer. Fleece is a good mid-layer for hiking. Learn about how to layer for hiking here.
Fleece material is made of cotton, polyester or a combination of both. Fleece fabric is super soft against the skin and gives a warm, cozy feel. Some fleece fabrics have a higher pile and more fluff, making them great for cold weather wear. Synthetic fleece is faster drying than all cotton, so it's a good choice to wear outdoors.
Fleece hoodies and jackets are a great choice for running in a variety of conditions. Wear a fleece hoodie to keep you warm and cozy in chilly conditions. In winter or in rain, layer your fleece underneath a larger jacket for added insulation.