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Down Outdoor Puffers

Nothing supports outdoor play like lightweight warmth. Zip into down outdoor puffers to keep the heat in while you explore out your front door.

adidas Down Outdoor Puffers

When cold weather rolls in, there’s really nothing like a down outdoor puffer to keep you warm. Ever noticed that everyone from city dwellers to mountaineers wears them? There's a reason. They feel seriously warm, with lofty insulation that traps in the heat and keeps out cool air. And they weigh less than other outerwear options, which makes a huge difference when you’re on the move. On the trails or in the mountains, every item in your backpack is packed with great care, and down puffers always make the cut thanks to their winning combo of warmth and minimal weight. And because city weather gets cold and cloudy too, you’ll find options with just as much style as technology. 3-Stripes puffers have an iconic look rooted in our sports heritage. So when the air outside is chilly, all the motivation you need to leave your house or your tent comes in the form of cozy down layers. Shop our range of casual and technical down outdoor puffers and find the one for your adventure.