2023 New Cleats

Dare to create in Nemeziz, X, Predator and Copa cleats. Be unstoppable. Leave them in the dust. Strike on instinct. Play flawless. Discover new cleats and create your future.

adidas New Cleats

Check out adidas new cleats. These brand-new models of cleats are perfect for your entire family. Do you have a young athlete who loves playing football? There are several different styles of football cleats for you and them to check out. Find the pair that not only looks cool but that will also help them play as they continue to evolve their game. Are you a female soccer player in need of a new pair of cleats? Our selection of soccer cleats will have you covered with a number of choices of footwear that is innovative and stylish. Looking to hit the baseball diamond and knock a few homers out of the park? Explore our selection of new baseball cleats, which are made to give you a supportive push on the field. With the selection of new cleats from adidas, you really can't go wrong.

From colorful colorways to innovative tech, our selection of new soccer cleats has a lot to offer. Kids and young athletes will love the vibrant hues and striking color schemes of these cleats. With these cleats on their feet, kids can make a statement, whether that's with bold orange colorways or soccer shoes that feature a purple and magenta colorway. If your little soccer player wants to keep it simple, no problem. There are soccer cleats available in clean color schemes featuring colors like red, blue and white. The great thing about our selection of soccer cleats is that many of the options available for kids are also available for men and women. So you can have matching cleats with your child and be a family that plays soccer together. There are also signature cleats available from elite players like Paul Pogba and Lionel Messi. No matter what new soccer cleats you pick for your young MVP, they are bound to love them.

If you consider yourself a serious player, then ditch your old cleats and get yourself a pair of new soccer cleats from adidas. These cleats feature the latest in innovative cleat technology, as they are designed to help you maximize your skill set on the field. There are cleats built for speed, perfect for players who want to fly around the field and quickly attack the goal. There are cleats made for turn, perfect for year-round players who don't let the weather stop them from playing the game they love. There are even cleats that are designed for accuracy, equipped with modern tech that allows you to control the ball with ease. Always playing outdoors on grassy fields? There are cleats that are specifically made for firm ground. These cleats have strategically spaced spikes that provide the necessary grip you will need to dig in and quickly make your next move. So check out the selection of new soccer cleats from adidas, and be ready to take your game to the next level.

New cleats from adidas are not just limited to soccer. There are also new football cleats for players of all ages to check out. For kids, there are cleats in a number of awesome colorways that will give them some serious style on the field. Plus these cleats feature innovative tech that's designed to help your young football player take their game to another level. For men, there are mid top styles that feature more ankle protection, perfect for players who are looking for more support. Many styles of football cleats also feature an adidas Bounce midsole, which provides a responsive, springy sensation with every burst of speed. These cleats come in a variety of different colors, which will help you stand out on the field or match your team uniform. Also, unique cleat configurations on the bottoms of these cleats will allow you to maximize your speed and grip on the field. Upgrade your cleat game. Shop new cleats from adidas.