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adidas Boxing

Be one step ahead of your opponent with boxing gear from adidas. It keeps you comfortable while you put in the work, so you can train hard and fight easy.

adidas Boxing Gear

Look good and feel good as you step into the ring wearing adidas boxing gear. Once the bell rings, every side step, lunge, bob and weave is crucial. adidas boxing shoes give you a true feel while you step forward for that devastating combination or elude punches for that slick countershot. Put them on for that sparring session, or lace them up for the real deal. Boxing shoes like the adidas Speedex have a breathable mesh upper that flexes in the forefoot and fits like a glove. The Box Hog has a structured look, with a lightweight feel to keep you comfortable with every move.

Wear adidas boxing clothes during your morning run, to train for your next bout or simply to rep the sport you love on your way to the gym. You can bring your adidas boxing gear to practice while you put in the work — and don't forget your boxing accessories like a steel water bottle to keep your liquids cool for recovery. Work on your cardio, your agility and your strike combinations. Just don't forget to rehydrate with one of our boxing water bottles so you're ready to go for the next round. Browse our selection of boxing gear and knock 'em dead, kid.