Blue Soccer Shoes

Take the field in your favorite color with blue soccer cleats. Find Predator, Copa and X cleats in shades of royal, navy and sky blue to express your unique game on the field. Check out all our Men's blue shoe favorites here.

Conquer the soccer field with adidas blue soccer shoes

Playing fields are experiencing tremendous transformation as technology helps players boost their performances. adidas soccer shoes are synonymous with on-field excellence. This footwear provides you with impeccable personal safety and incredible performance on every soccer terrain. Whether you are a pro player or kicking the ball for the first time, blue soccer shoes are ideal for confident ball control and supreme traction. Along with superior grip on the field, while high-speed running or swift turns, you also get great agility due to their lightweight. The sleek design and snug fit give these sneakers a perfect blend of style, comfort and function.

Blue soccer cleats – the best companion for every surface

Master your craft and achieve outrageous control with blue soccer cleats from adidas, regardless of the surface you play on. Cleats with combined stubs (bladed and conical) made of hard rubber or plastic are the most versatile. These are suitable for every field, from soft to firm, natural grass turf. They provide you with ultimate safety, stability and speed on both dry and damp surfaces. adidas also offers an exceptional range for indoor artificial turfs and options for playing during heavy rain. While you focus on your playing skills, our footwear will help you boost your game to new heights.

Create your iconic style with adidas soccer shoes

Whether you are a pro player, a beginner or a fan, blue soccer shoes are the ideal addition to complement and elevate your style. These sneakers have also become a style staple for those who love to flaunt their sporty side. They are instantly recognizable both on and off the field. While you are busy enjoying your time or showing off your game, adidas soccer cleats take care of your style statement. Our soccer shoes are the perfect tool to help you write gaming history and create your unique identity.