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ADIDAS/May 2024/
3 minute read

What to Wear for Volleyball

Ace your next volleyball match by feeling comfortable in your kit. Not sure what to wear? Check out our list below before you serve, set, and spike.

Set yourself up for a win with gear that will bump up your performance on the court. If you’re playing in an official league or on a college team, you’ll likely be kitted up in a uniform alongside your teammates—but if you dig playing in a rec league or a drop-in community center, you’ll probably be outfitted in something a little more casual. However you play the game, what you wear for volleyball should help you nail everything from serve to spike. Let’s dig in!

Volleyball Shoes

Starting at the feet, it’s important that your volleyball shoes support and protect you while jumping and executing quick lateral movements. The Crazyflight and Crazyflight Mid volleyball shoes are breathable, bouncy, and specifically designed to elevate your experience on the court. If you’re just starting out, try the Novaflight or the Ligra for a versatile shoe that is certain to up your game.

Volleyball Shorts

For shorts, you’ll want something flexible and comfortable, while being able to handle everything from digs to dives. The TechFit Volleyball Short Tight and the 4 Inch Shorts stay in place and support every movement, giving you the confidence and comfort that you need to perform your best on the court.  

Volleyball Tops

A crucial part of every volleyball outfit, your top will either help or hinder your ability to move your arms freely during the game. A few options that provide comfort without restriction are the Quickset Long Sleeve and the HILO Short Sleeve. Specifically created for high performance on the volleyball court, both volleyball tops are made with AEROREADY material that wicks moisture and keeps you feeling fresh, especially when the game gets intense.

Volleyball Kneepads

Keep yourself protected on the court with volleyball kneepads. As you dive for the ball, your knees can take a beating—stay in the game with gear that moves with you. The Elite Kneepad is ideal for experienced players with a competitive mindset, while the younger athletes can hone their skills in the 5-inch Kneepad.

How Should Volleyball Kneepads Fit?

Comfort is key when you’re playing in volleyball kneepads. When fitting yours, make sure that the kneepad is fully covering your kneecap without restricting mobility. Take time to make sure that the pad doesn’t slide or rotate while performing your standard volleyball movements. Kneepads should have a nice, snug fit, but should never feel too tight. The last thing that you want during a volleyball match is to be distracted by your gear!  

Take it to the Court

Now that you’ve got the gear, it’s go time. Your volleyball outfit is key to your performance on the court, giving you the protection that you need while allowing you to move freely so you can keep your head in the game.  

Speaking of game, how are you planning to level up yours? Practice makes progress, so check out these agility drills that will put power in your step. Lace up and let loose—your best match yet is a jump serve away.