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ADIDAS/May 2024/
3 minute read

Golf Etiquette: Rules on the Green

Tee off with adidas as we stroll down the land of golf etiquette and go over everything you need to know before your next putt.

A game cherished by those who enjoy tranquility and nature, golf boasts its own set of unique rules. Whether you're trying to learn golf etiquette for beginners or are a seasoned player who needs a quick refresh, mastering golf etiquette and course rules will not only ensure a pressure-free putting experience but also make you a welcomed presence on the green. Below, we lay out 10 crucial rules to bear in mind while playing golf.

What are golf etiquette rules?

Golf etiquette rules will vary from course to course, but some universal principles include maintaining a quiet demeanor on the green, observing silence during others' shots, and playing at an efficient pace to avoid delays. Read up on more essential golf etiquette below.

What is the golf dress code?

Golf clothing etiquette can vary depending on the club you play at, but denim, sandals, and restrictive clothes are typically not recommended. When it comes to footwear, whether you need spike vs. spikeless golf shoes will depend on the course you’re playing on. Be sure to always check the specific dress code at the club you’ll be playing at and lean on us if you need inspiration on what to wear golfing.

Golf Course Etiquette  

Step onto the course with confidence by learning and abiding by proper golf course etiquette. Below are some essential golf etiquette rules to observe before your next tee time.  

1. Keep it quiet: Be respectful and mindful of the noise you’re making while on the course and limit any talking during your group member’s turns.

2. Considerate Positioning: Check your surroundings to ensure you’re not blocking anyone’s view as they take their shot.

3. Pace of Play: Maintain a good pace while on the green. Play efficiently, be ready for your turn, and keep up with the group or person ahead of you.

4. Caring for the Green: Take care of the green while on the course before putting. Use a repair tool or tee to gently restore any ball marks or divots you create.

5. Respect for Wildlife: Don't disturb or go out of your way to interact with any animals you may see on the course.

6. Yelling Fore: If you hit your ball a little wonky and think it may hit a player or a group of players it’s crucial that you yell out fore to alert others on the course that a golf ball may be heading in their direction.

7. Be Prompt: It’s recommended to show up at least 15-30 minutes early to ensure you’re ready to tee off at your scheduled time.

8. Flagstick Awareness: The flagstick can be left in or removed while putting, just be sure it isn’t blocking anyone's view. If you do remove it make sure it's fully inserted into the hole before moving on.

9. Rake the Bunker: If your ball lands in a sand bunker, use a rake to smooth out the sand after you’ve played your shot.

10. Putting Line: The putting line refers to the invisible line between a golfer’s ball and the hole. Be sure to mind this line and not walk on it as doing so will impact the path of the ball due to footprints and pressure on the green.

Navigating the Course

As you step onto the green, remember that these rules enhance the game's flow and give you a proper understanding of golf course etiquette. When you allow these rules to guide how you show up for tee time, you contribute to the tradition of golf being a timeless and sophisticated sport that is respectful and inclusive to all players.