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How To Stay Active In The Winter

Your fitness journey doesn’t have to stop when the temperature drops. Brave the outdoors with adidas and learn how to stay active in the winter.

When the snow begins to fall, and the squirrels go away to hide, even though you may want to, don’t stay inside. Outdoor winter activities are a terrific way to shield yourself from the winter blues, stay fit and boost your immunity during the flu and cold season. Winter activities allow you to work out in ways you typically wouldn’t during other seasons of the year. Whether sledding with friends, hiking a snowy trail to get peace of mind or doing yard work, getting out and moving during the winter is always a good idea.

Five Outdoor Winter Activities To Try

Staying active in the winter is one of the best ways to improve your mental and physical health. Daily workouts help you de-stress and pump up your endorphins which help you feel good. The cool thing about outdoor winter activities is that there’s a wide variety of them. You get to pick which ones feel best for your body. Below are five different winter activities to try this season to stay active. Let’s get outside!

Hiking Or Snowshoeing

Hikes are a good and fun way to stay fit and can be done year-round with the right gear and fair weather. They can also be very peaceful, depending on the trail you trek. Throw on your snowshoeing gear to level this workout up. A low-impact, endurance-building workout, snowshoeing is an excellent way to work up a sweat with the family this winter season and can be done anywhere there’s snow.


Running is a wonderful way to get out, get some sun and move in the winter. Like hiking, running can be done in any season and may even feel better in the winter since there is no extreme heat or humidity. It’s critical to wear trainers with great support and traction when running in the winter. Be aware of snow and ice when heading out on your run.


The ultimate winter activity, sledding is a great way to get outside and spend time with your friends and family when it’s cold out. When sledding, you are constantly trudging up and down a hill. The bigger the hill you slide down, the bigger the workout (and the more fun!).

Outdoor Chores

Good news—outdoor chores count when it comes to exercise! Get your steps in this winter by shoveling snow, raking leaves, or putting salt down. Getting outside, putting on your headphones, and cleaning up your yard or neighbor's yard is an excellent way to get vitamin D and move around a bit.

Dress The Part

Layers are your best friend when participating in outdoor winter activities. Cold temperatures steal your body heat which is why learning how to layer is essential when you are exercising in the cold. The first layer, closest to your skin, should be moisture-wicking. The second layer is the insulating layer made of wool or polyester fleece. The third layer should be thin and waterproof. Whether hiking, running, or doing yard work, your shoes need excellent traction, should fit snuggly, and need to be insulated and waterproof.

Winter Fun and Fitness

Learning how to stay active in the winter is a fantastic way to show your body and mind love and care. It’s important to honor your body by staying fit and healthy during every season. Be smart when getting out and moving during the winter. Stay inside if the temperatures are dangerously low or there’s a bad snowstorm. But if the sun is out, the temperatures are safe, and the snow isn’t overwhelming, zip up your coat, put on your gloves and a proper pair of shoes, and venture outside.
Illustrations by Ard Su