Adissage Slides


adidas Adissage Slides

Treat your feet to the best post workout recovery with the adidas Adissage slides. These slides have a massaging footbed made out of flexible nubs that will help soothe your feet after a long day. Step out of the locker room in them after your HIIT exercise or keep them in your car to change into after the summit hike. The slip-on design makes them easy to put on and take off, and the contoured and nubby footbed will give your feet that floating on air feeling as you bring your heart rate down from crushing your goals. Pick a color to match your style, with multiple colors and color combinations to choose from. Adissage sandals are next-level slides. Each pair gives you the ease of slipping your feet in and out while using advanced tech to help you actively recover from an intense day. You'll want to bring these everywhere you go.

An active lifestyle includes more than your workout. That hustle at the office, that quick trip to the store, that everyday grind that keeps you on your feet--all require the right type of recovery. When you kick off your shoes at the end of the day and put on a pair of Adissage slides, you are telling your feet that you value their contribution to your success. The massaging footbed helps to reduce inflammation and soreness to prepare your body for another day of action. The slip resistant outsole makes them perfect for wearing inside and outside. The synthetic upper makes them easy to clean and stay-fresh. Wear them on the way home from yoga, and keep them on while you make your post-recovery shake. Keep them by your door to put on the moment you set down your keys. Adissage slides are made to pamper your feet and give them the rest they need.

Whether it's activewear or lifestyle apparel, we never sacrifice style for function. The Adissage slides are no exception. These sandals are the perfect slip on for your casual streetwear look. Wear them out with joggers and a hoodie or match them with your Adicolor snapback hat. Although they will always help your feet with recovery, they don't need to be kept in that box. You can wear them whenever you want. Slip them on when you leave to meet up with friends, or throw them on when you get home from a night of dancing. They are made to serve your feet, wherever your feet may go. When the waves start calling and the sun is high, put on your bathing suit, rub on some sunscreen, and wear them to the beach. Protect your feet from the sun soaked sand and rinse them off before heading back home. The Adissage slides go where you go.

Your feet deserve a break. You are a mover and a creator. You are a dreamer and a doer. You live an active life with no room for compromise. adidas Adissage sports slides make sure your feet can refuel. Every step you take with the massaging footbed is an opportunity to hit it even harder the next day. Adjustable straps make it easy to find the perfect fit and the 3-Stripes logo connects you to an activewear dynasty. Let the world know you are serious about what you wear. With these sandals, you can recover on the go and work out tension in the heel and ball of each of your feet while you move. Find colors to match your gear so you can stay consistent in both your fitness and your fashion. Perfect for the end of the workout and the end of the day. Shop adidas Adissage slides to give your feet the TLC they need.