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Women's Windproof Jackets


Cut through windy weather in women's windproof jackets from adidas. They block out cold air, so you can move confidently through the city or the mountains.

adidas Women's Windproof Jackets

Whether you're trekking to the coffee shop or navigating an exposed ridgeline, windy weather can sap your energy and get to your head. Feel confident and comfortable in women's windproof jackets from adidas. Designs with WIND.RDY block out the breeze to keep you moving through gusty weather, plus they repel water so that light showers don't hold you back from reaching your destination. Collars and hoods minimize exposure by helping keep wind away from your face. Drawcord-adjustable hems and elastic cuffs help seal out cool air to maximize your comfort. Women's windproof coats make a big difference when it's cold out, too. Loose fitted styles are made with layering in mind. They're easy to toss over everything else you're wearing, from a hoodie to a down jacket. If you need storage, zip pockets help out in that department. They offer secure transport for your earbuds, phone and other small necessities. And even if the forecast is uncertain, you can toss lightweight layers into a day pack as insurance against unexpected gusts. When you get to a viewpoint above the treeline, you'll be happy to have them at the ready to stave off cold chills. Wherever you're headed, timeless 3-Stripes style is always a win for your day. Get equipped for adventure with women's windproof jackets from adidas.