Women's Turquoise & Mint Green Running Shoes



Refresh your run with women’s mint green and turquoise running shoes. Recalling crystal clear depths, these cool shades add a crisp, serene vibe to your workout as you get in your zone. Look for bold women’s mint green running shoes with bright accents or choose shoes based in other colors with subtle mint green and turquoise detail for a more understated look. Whether you’re taking to lakeside trails or bringing a bit of cool composure to the treadmill, find tranquility in your stride with women’s turquoise running shoes.

Women’s turquoise running shoes from adidas are made of technical materials designed for enhanced performance and comfort. Primeknit uppers wrap your foot with an engineered fit while Forgedmesh uppers feature strategic zones of reinforcement that support lateral as well as linear movement. Get superior cushioning from Boost midsoles which absorb impact and return it at push-off to propel you forward. If you’re switching up surfaces, look for women’s mint green running shoes with all-terrain Continental™ Rubber outsoles which work like winter tires for your feet, providing grip and traction in all conditions, flexing underfoot for an energized ride.


With adidas Boost, you get out what you put in. The quest to create the perfect midsole material took decades of research and development, eventually resulting in industry-altering—and performance-enhancing—technology. After countless trials and hundreds of iterations, Boost midsoles launched in 2013, setting a new sneaker standard. Boost delivers immediate energy return, propelling runners forward while providing peak comfort.


Boost is constructed of small granular material (TPU) blown-up and turned into small energy capsules, which make up the distinctive midsole. With their unique cell structure, these springy energy capsules in your women’s turquoise running shoes store and unleash energy more efficiently in every step.