Women's Training Sports Bras

Women's training sports bras from adidas come in light support, medium support and high support styles to give you the confidence to go all out no matter what.
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From long distance runs and high-impact boxing to Vinyasa flow and weekend hangouts, your training bra serves more than one purpose. A good sports bra not only supports every move but is comfortable, empowering you to ace your session. We are flipping the script on training bras and making it easier to find the perfect fit for everybody, with three levels of support designed for cup size and activity level combined. Find the right bra for your sport and own your workout with supportive sports bras from adidas.


Whether you’re getting into the flow of yoga, running hill sprints or sweating it out on the spin bike, it’s important that you find workout bras catering to your level of impact. For light-impact workouts such as yoga, Pilates or walking, a strappy bra made of soft, flexible material like the All Me Bra is ideal to let your body move.

Determine if a light-support sports bra is what you need and discover what to look for in your next bra through pictures and videos that will help you find the light-support bra that best fits your body.


If you’re amping up the activity with boxing or spinning, a medium-impact bra like the Don’t Rest is built with compression to keep everything in place. With soft fabric and high compression, our medium support bras give you solid structure while still maintaining flexibility.

Learn whether a medium-support sports bra meets your unique cup size and activity needs through videos and easy-to-understand tips about bras with medium support.


When you take your workout to the extreme, go for high impact support. The Stronger For It Bra is meant for larger cup sizes or high impact sports like aerobics, running and jumping. Adjustable straps and supportive cups in high support sports bras reduce uncomfortable bounce, and Climalite material wicks away sweat, keeping you cool at your core.

Find answers to your questions about high-support sports bras and figure out if this type of bra will give you the coverage and support your sport requires with our guide to high-support bras.


Don't let an uncomfortable sports bra take your focus off your workout. Quickly find the right sports bra for you with step-by-step instructions and videos that guide you through the process of making sure you're wearing the right size and getting the right amount of support for your sport.