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Women's Training Short Sleeve Shirts

Women's short sleeve training shirts keep you comfortable for cardio days, rest days or any day. Find everything from design collaborations to low-key logos.

adidas Women's Training Short Sleeve Shirts

There must be a hundred ways to work out. You can alpine ski or do archery. Box, break-dance or bull ride. Canoe, climb or play cricket. You get where we're going with this, right? How you get your fitness on is up to you. But when you do, you'll find women's training short sleeve shirts from adidas waiting to be worn. Except for maybe that bull-riding thing. But for everything else, there's a cut, fit, fabric, style and tech designed to support you and your sport.

Take volleyball, for example. Our women's training short sleeve shirts made for action on the court combine stretchy jersey fabric and a fit made for setting and spiking, plus moisture-absorbing AEROREADY tech to keep you dry on rallies that seem to last forever. Or how about cycling? In that case, our women's athletic short sleeve shirts are cut close for a second-skin feel that reduces drag, have a full-zip front that lets you adjust for changing conditions and offer pockets across the back for your water bottle, snacks, tire kit and keys. We could go on and on, but what we're really saying is, scroll through our selection of women's training short sleeve shirts from adidas and you're sure to find a polo shirt, tee or crop top designed to make both your play and your day better.