Shorts For Tall Women


Shorts for tall women that help upgrade performance every time

You can never fall short of challenges in life when your personality is driven by passion and creativity. Standing out in their color and simplicity in design, never miss a chance to attract attention to your long, toned limbs with shorts designed for tall women. These ladies’ workout shorts are made from durable moisture-wicking fabric that allows air circulation in between your legs, keeping them cool and dry during long runs. Inspired by the retro looks of our sports heritage, these shorts will keep you energized till the end.

Allow yourself to have fun in the most relaxed way

Our shorts for tall women are designed with a snug fit, making them neither too loose nor too tight so as to prepare you for extended workouts. Best suited for outdoor activities like cycling, running or hiking, adidas pampers you with a wide range of shorts which are available with some cool features like breathable mesh, front pockets and even built-in tights to give you the right coverage on multiple occasions. The simple design of these shorts is contrasted with the bold adidas 3-Stripes and a classic Trefoil logo which seals their classic look.

Reflecting the sporty, rebellious spirit within you

The soft, stretchy fabric used in these shorts will make you feel feather-light, preparing you to give the best and nothing less. Giving you all the comfort you need to tackle your workouts, these utility-driven shorts help you to feel motivated and keep improving on yourself without losing confidence. Our shorts for tall women are tailored for simple and casual looks that are versatile enough to be worn for a workout, to the gym or even lazing around at home for the rest of the day. Look forward to adding a pair to your summer collection – not only do these shorts for tall women keep you cool on hot, sunny days, they also add utility and fashion to your wardrobe.