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Womens Sports Shoes

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Womens performance sports shoes

Our ladies' sports shoes come in a wonderful range of styles and designs. They've been created to be the perfect multi-purpose sneakers for those who will use them to keep fit, whether in the gym or on the road, as well as to suit a variety of specific sports, from tennis to weightlifting. What they all have in common is wonderful comfort, excellent durability and the right support to keep your feet in as good shape as the rest of you. You'll love both the feeling you get from wearing them and from the cachet of the adidas brand.

Flexible support with excellent comfort

Our women's performance shoes are your best companions when you're in the gym. They're nicely flexible, almost feeling like an extra thick but light pair of socks as they mould to your feet. This is reinforced with a soft ankle strap, to ensure that your support won't give out at a crucial point in your workout routine. When it comes to the sole, you get exceptional comfort and a springy boost thanks to a responsive midsole that helps to energize your step. Underneath you have a sturdy yet flexible rubber sole that adds to your feeling of comfort and support. Our sports shoes for ladies are designed to be everything you need in gym footwear.

Advanced technology to give your feet every advantage

When you're out on the road, track or field, our Astrarun women's performance sports shoes range with built-in heel counters to help cushion your Achilles tendon are a good example of the advanced technology that you'll get to give you the edge. Our outdoor women's sports shoes have mesh uppers and a breathability that are especially valuable for long distance running. All our sports shoes for ladies feature the same combination of comfortable cushioning and flexible support, so you can rely on them as the basis of your training routine.