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Women's Camo Clothes

Everyone will see you coming in adidas women’s camo clothes — and that’s the point. Create head-turning camouflage outfits with standout patterns for sweatshirts, leggings, tees and more.

adidas Women's Camo Clothing

Our selection of women's camo clothing includes leggings, shorts, tank tops, and tees that update and enliven this classic design pattern. Though camouflage may typically be associated with blending into your surroundings, you're destined to stand out from the crowd in these special, reimagined prints. Bold color variations and striking cuts breathe new life into our women's camo tops and pants, which you can wear to get into fighting mode for your next tough workout, or style with casual pieces for day-to-day athleisure looks, galore. At adidas, we've put the cute back into camouflage, evolving it way beyond its original military and hunting associations. And, in our hands, it's a lot more versatile than you might assume.

Women's camo pants and tops don't always need to be trotted out in the same old marshy shades of brown and green. Adidas camouflage prints can come in a chic black, white and grey concoction for neutral looks; a bright, upbeat pink and fuchsia combo that works perfectly for summer daywear; and, for the purists, a heightened version of the traditional, nostalgic army green print. Our women's camo clothing pairs really well with neutral, monochromatic pieces, like solid black or white tees, leggings or shoes. But if you're really feeling the camo vibe, you can monopolize all the attention at your gym by strutting in wearing a head-to-toe look, with a matching camo top and pants. Whether you go all-camo or choose to wear it as a separate, our fabulous camo prints are always designed with flattering and freeing cuts. High-rise camo leggings create a slim look at the waist. Camo running shorts are also cut high, but come with an inner mesh brief to give extra coverage. Camo tanks have a racerback cut, allowing you to move without restriction and show off your shoulder blades.

Though our variations on camo print may be new, our commitment to using high-quality fabrics and the latest in athletic wear technology for all our clothing is classic adidas. Our women's camo tights and leggings are made with the perfect blend of breathable, high-quality polyester and elastane, providing lightweight insulation while allowing enough give so that you can move and stretch your legs freely. Techfit helps the leggings compress to your body, supporting your muscles and creating a second-skin feel. Moisture-managing AEROREADY tech is used in both our leggings and shorts. It wicks away perspiration, absorbing your sweat into the fabric and then releasing it into the atmosphere, keeping you dry and distraction-free. Camo short tights use soft, flatlock seams for an itch-free experience, as well as a wide waistband that keeps the short tights in place throughout your full range of movements. These performance-minded features ensure our women's camo clothing is not only attention-grabbing, but also completely functional for dedicated athletes.

Camouflage print is perennially trendy. The American obsession with incorporating camo into everyday wear dates back decades and decades, and doesn't seem to be slowing down. Why does this motif have such staying power? Camo's psychological influence can't be overestimated, particularly for athletic wear. An inspiring, motivating camo print is what might make the difference between giving up mid-workout and pushing through to the end. And from a purely aesthetic point of view, a good pair of women's camo pants or a camo top can transition easily from the gym to the rest of your day, and can be effortlessly styled up or down for most occasions. The range and enduring relevance of camo print means that buying camo clothing is a smart, long-term investment that you'll pull out of your drawer, again and again. So shop women's camo clothing from adidas, today, and put a little fight back into your workout wear.