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Women's Basketball High-Tops

Navigate the intersection of sport and street. Women's basketball high top shoes from adidas offer classic looks for cutting to the rim or everyday wear.

adidas Women's Basketball High Tops

Reach new heights on the court with a pair of women's basketball high-tops from adidas. Built to provide added support and stability, women's basketball high-top shoes from adidas will help you make perfect cuts, quick moves to the hope and explosive leaps. With a variety of styles and colors to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect pair of high tops sneakers to match your game. Whether you're a power forward or a point guard, adidas women's basketball high tops will help you take you elevate your game. adidas women's basketball high tops featuring Lightstrike will have you flying allover the court at top speed. So lace up and get ready to take on any competition. If basketball style is more your thing, adidas has women's basketball high-tops for everyday wear with a look taken straight off the hardwood. Available in a variety of colors, these stylish adidas women's basketball high-tops have features like ankle straps and bold branding like 3-Stripes on the sides or a Trefoil logo that will keep your look pure adidas. Grab a couple of pairs, and match them with your favorite outfit for a unique look. Check out adidas, and see which women's basketball high-tops are right for you.

adidas women's basketball high-tops provide the perfect blend of style and function. If you're looking to dominate your next gym run, you can find a pair of adidas women's basketball high-top sneakers built for the court. They provide the support and stability that you need when playing and feature a high-top design that provides a great fit. These shoes feature Lightstrike midsoles that are super-lightweight and built to have you flying. A rubber outsole provides excellent traction for all your best moves. And if you're in the mood for a stylish pair of sneakers, adidas has women's basketball high-tops that are designed to be worn off the court, as well. With high, padded ankles and features like ankle straps, these shoes are full of hardwood style and loaded with comfort. Grab a pair in your favorite color, or grab two so you're ready for when your mood changes. Bold branding like a Trefoil logo or classic 3-Stripes keeps the look pure adidas. You live and breathe basketball, so go ahead and find a pair of high-top sneakers to match your style. Come by adidas to find the exact pair of women's basketball high-tops that meet your need.

No matter what your game is, step up your style with a pair of adidas women's basketball high-tops. These shoes are designed to give you the edge on the court with their comfortable fit and high-tech materials like Lightstrike in the midsole that helps you fly all over the court at top speed. Or maybe you're looking for a more stylish design that will make you stand out from the rest when you step off the court. adidas has a range of women's basketball high-tops with a variety of colors and styles to choose from, all inspired by the hardwood. Stylish women's high-tops feature classic elements like 3-Stripes and ankle straps, and the range of color options means that, if you want, you could grab a pair to go with every outfit you own. And, like all adidas sneakers, adidas women's basketball high-tops are built for outstanding comfort, so you don't just look great, you feel great, as well, no matter what you're doing. Whether you're looking for a new pair of shoes to elevate your on-court game or just want to step up your off-court style, check out the selection of women's basketball high tops at adidas today.

Looking for a stylish and functional pair of women's basketball high-tops? Look no further than our range of shoes from adidas. adidas women's high-top basketball sneakers that are built for performance on the court feature high-tech lightweight materials like Lightstrike and have a supportive fit that will help you move with ease. A rubber outsole is tuned to support all your most dynamic moves, so when you lace up a pair of women's basketball high-tops from adidas, you can cut and dive to the rack with total confidence. Plus, adidas has a variety of trendy, off-court sneakers with a range of color options to choose from, so you're sure to find a pair that matches your style. Grab a pair of lifestyle adidas women's basketball high-tops with a bold Trefoil on the side, and get yourself a second one in your favorite color. No matter what your mood or where you're heading, adidas will make sure you look and feel great and that everybody knows how much you love basketball style. Whether you're a beginner or regular hooper, or if you're just the kind of person who loves the look, women's basketball high-top shoes from adidas are a great choice.