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White Quarter Zip


Nothing says casual elegance like a white quarter-zip sweatshirt from adidas. The clean look and soft feel keep you ready for the golf course or the clubhouse.

adidas White Quarter Zip

Head to the inks or bolt to brunch. Do it all in savvy style that's not just for summer in a white quarter zip from adidas. On mornings when there's still mist on the fairways, pull on a white quarter-zip sweatshirt made of soft doubleknit fabric, and it'll help you warm up in more ways than one. Back in the city, on days when a long sleeve tee is too little and a jacket is too much, a white quarter-zip pullover bridges the gap. Leave the zipper open, and you create a laid-back, casual vibe. Pull it all the way up, and your look switches from sporty to street-smart in a snap.

Pair your quarter zip with chinos with rolled-up cuffs, add a pair of classic white sneakers, and your outfit says summer without making a sound. Layer it under a leather varsity jacket, a long wool coat or a down-filled vest, and your bright-white quarter-zip sweater suddenly swallows a chill pill that makes it perfect for fall or winter wear. Pair it with different textures and tones and add depth to an all-white outfit that's sophisticated and striking. Drop contrasting black layers underneath and on top, and create a street tuxedo guaranteed to get you past even the snootiest doorman. Grab a white quarter zip from adidas, and put together a polished look that works for day or night, summer or winter, work or play.